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About About Us

About Us

Delivering Business-Driven Technology Solutions

Applying our technology expertise to achieve your desired business goals

partner with a proven MSP in Long Island and NYC

Converged Technology Group leverages specialized IT expertise and a hands-on, consultative approach to create technology solutions that not only satisfy pressing technical requirements, but deliver meaningful impact to your bottom line through their strong alignment with greater business and financial objectives.

As the leading provider of co-managed advanced technology solutions that improve IT performance, we've proven our ability to drive results with technology, and for companies of all sizes – from mid-sized businesses to commercial enterprises. From virtualized data centers and enterprise networks to collaboration, our ultimate goal is always the same: increased efficiency and productivity at lower cost and risk.

Because of this approach, our clients experience faster, smoother installation and integration as well as a greater level of success in meeting the goals of their solution. Our co-managed approach to ongoing support also allows our customers to realize all of the features of on-premise technology with the ease of use and flexibility of a hosted solution.

It’s all part of our commitment to help our clients get the most value and greatest benefits from their IT investments.