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VMworld – Las Vegas, NV

Virtualization and cloud computing make it all possible. Don’t miss your best chance to learn how to unlock its full power for your organization at VMworld 2011. You’ll find the knowledge and tools you need to realize your vision for virtualization and cloud computing within your organization—and deliver a meaningful business impact.

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Cisco Live, U.S. – Las Vegas, NV

Today’s IT and communications are under continual pressure to keep their skills and training up to date, so they can help their employers realize the maximum value from the latest technologies and business practices. At Cisco Live 2011, you can choose from more than 500 technical sessions spanning four educational programs – Networkers, Developer Networker, Read More »

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Converged Assist Webinar with Converged Technology Group & Cisco Systems

Please join Converged Technology Group and Cisco Systems for a discussion on how Converged Technology Group’s suite of Converged Assist offerings provide a cost effective way to improve service levels while minimizing ongoing operational support costs.

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