Your Roadmap to the Right Cloud

Defining, based on business needs & goals, your ideal private, public, or hybrid cloud solution

Taking full advantage of the agility, scalability, and cost savings opportunities enabled by the Cloud is only possible with a robust, well-defined migration plan. And that first comes from a comprehensive understanding of your existing IT environment, operational needs, and ultimate business goals.

Based on these realities and requirements, Converged Technology Group will recommend the best path to the Cloud for your enterprise: be it a public, private, or hybrid cloud architecture.

Private cloud solutions provide organizations robust agility, flexibility and cost savings, but the complexity of migrating legacy applications to a highly virtualized, next-generation data center can pose obstacles which are difficult for most organizations to overcome.

Public cloud solutions can be a more immediate path to lowering operational expenses, but a publicly shared infrastructure may result in excessive operational expenses, decreased availability and increased business risk.

Often a “move everything” approach to the cloud isn’t the answer, and a hybrid cloud solution can deliver the business benefits our customers desire while reducing IT operational expenses.

Converged Technology Group has the experience to help our customers evaluate which model makes sense for their business while weighing the risks vs. rewards of each model. In any scenario, Converged Technology Group can help you make an informed decision.

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