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For many organizations, email remains one of the most common threats in online security. Many companies use this vital means of communication to transmit sensitive information. Our Managed Email Security services add multiple layers of protection to safeguard your sensitive information from phishing attacks or other potential data breaches.

Did you know? Virtually all cyberattacks begin via email. That is why it is vitally important to your business to maintain email security vigilance to protect your email system, users, and business data safe and secure through Converged Technology Group’s Managed Email Security services.

Our Managed Email Security initiatives work on four levels:

  • Design of email security posture
  • Define requirements for detection, blocking and quarantine
  • Review email business continuity requirements
  • Implement rollout plan

This way we protect your staff and business from random malware and spam threats, as well as the targeted initiatives such as spear phishing and ransomware. Our Managed Email Security is aligned with your regulatory and compliancy needs, as well as, ensuring email business continuity. 

Many small businesses, even in NYC and on Long Island have felt the negative business impact caused by staffers innocently opening a targeted email disguised as a business communication. It does not have to be that way. Keep your data, online business assets and your brand protected from corruption, exfiltration and possible deletion with Converged Technology Group’s Managed Email Security services. Our security bundle includes full cloud backup and recovery of each and every email and online file. We’ll work hard to maintain the safety of your sensitive information via superior data leak prevention and encryption. 

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