Cloud Management Solutions

Availability results in increased productivity, which results in a better customer experience translating to competitive advantage and organizational growth.

Co-Managed Services

In an IT world increasingly lived in the cloud, Converged Technology Group’s Assist360o cloud service offering inclusive of 24x7x365 Remote Monitoring and Alerting, Priority Response Services, IT Helpdesk Services, Vendor Management, Service Delivery Management and Network Optimization Services enables effective operational support of IT infrastructures which span physical, virtual, and cloud-based infrastructure, both public and private, seamlessly, regardless of location.

For the organization needing to manage the complexity of an enterprise utilizing both public and private cloud services, Converged Technology Group’s capabilities give you the “instant,” “intelligent,” and “integrated” monitoring and management capabilities you need in a single solution. Within the same console, Converged Technology Group’s Assist360o platform provides clear views into all system resources, whether in public, private, or hybrid cloud environments.

Application and Network Performance Management

Many organizations struggle to deliver predictable performance for business critical applications and their attempts to embrace cloud-based applications to reduce costs and increase IT agility, are often undermined by reduced business productivity and a poor user experience resulting from unpredictable application performance.

For organizations guaranteed application performance has required additional capital investment, improved IT skills and additional staff.

Since most mid-sized organizations lack these resources, they need a cost efficient and easy to use service, which hasn’t existed until today.

Application and performance management solutions offered by Converged Technology Group enables organizations to take full advantage of any application, including cloud and Internet based, guaranteeing performance and delivering full application visibility.

Our solutions are a cost efficient and easy to use service, which allows our customers to consume applications, as they need, without having to worry about performance and end-user experience.

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