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Converged Technology Group offers our clients a managed firewall service wherein we employ and maintain a state-of-the-art firewall that actively prevents potential system hacks. This filter monitors and potentially blocks any suspicious activity, whether it be from your internal staff or external sources. With our managed firewall, your team will have greater online security while performing their day-to-day tasks safe from threats that could compromise your sensitive information.

It is not only vitally important that your firm has firewall protection. It must be constantly, and vigilantly maintained to protect your organization’s network against potential threats, yet permit legitimate access in the form of sent and received communications to flow without interference. Firewalls provide superior protection, however a managed firewall service will ensure that its security is never compromised.

While some corporations might have on-site IT staff, it has never been more important not to allocate resources to a department that is already tasked with keeping the technology that supports day-to-day operations running optimally. Monitoring a firewall is intensive, and can be costly as it is a very time-consuming endeavor. The task requires expertise in security as well as regular system upgrades. Few businesses have the experience, time, and budget to commit to round-the-clock firewall maintenance. That is why Converged Technology Group offers our managed firewall services for enterprises in New York City and in Nassau County and Suffolk County, Long Island who are seeking an affordable, highly-effective firewall maintenance solution.  

Our managed firewall service can assist to reduce overall operational costs. That is because it protects your company against cybercrime, which can impact profitability and damage your brand’s reputation. In addition, our managed firewall services can assist you in meeting regulatory and certification compliances which will provide the time your in-house talent needs to focus on your core business applications. 

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