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Cloud Collaboration Technology to Achieve New Levels of Productivity for Immediate Gains

Our expert team will help you identify and implement solutions for efficient collaboration to reach business goals, faster

Collaboration puts the power of convergence to work, leveraging a single voice, video, and data network to streamline collaboration between all business users, wherever they are or travel. Converged Technology Group helps you take full advantage of advanced IP communications solutions to optimize productivity and business process workflows at every endpoint, for immediate results.

We architect collaboration and productivity solutions for immediate results. Converged works with your teams to determine the advanced applications that will best serve your collaboration needs — including video, presence, collaboration, contact center, and mobility services. Next, we’ll implement them as highly scalable and secure services that can be delivered to the next cube, building, branch, state, or country, in support of both current and future requirements. Our goal: to provide customized, collaboration and productivity solutions to support your business and assist to achieve its goals.

Collaborating to Drive Business Outcomes

By enabling the highest levels of interactivity, you’ll see productivity soar and collaboration intensify, supporting business process optimization every step of the way. Our cloud collaboration technology is designed and built with your ultimate business goals in mind, and leveraging best-in-class technologies such as our Cisco collaboration support solutions, our initiatives have proven to drive immediate ROI gains.

Our collaboration technology solutions include:

Voice Communications

We utilize Cisco’s IP telephony solutions by leveraging your data network investment to deliver cost-effective and reliable communications systems that scale with your needs.

Video Communication

We deploy flexible and extensible video conferencing applications to help your organization increase productivity between employees, customers, and partners by making face-to-face communication possible, even when participants are in different locations.

Team Collaboration

Why should improving collaboration with company divisions, partners and suppliers be at the forefront of a company’s strategic plans? While every company is different, common themes emerge. Globalization allows companies to outsource functions around the world, whether for lower costs or to enable a 24/7/365 enterprise. Agile decision-making speeds time to market for new ideas and helps avert crises. Cost containment enables companies to be better insulated against external cost pressures and to sustain profitability.

Contact Center

Converged Technology Group enables your customer service teams to deliver a differentiated customer experience with a highly secure, available, virtual, and sophisticated contact center solution.

Discuss your collaboration needs and goals with the Converged experts today. We’ll help you evaluate your options to determine your best-fit unified communications roadmap, including a highly effective cloud collaboration technology solution.

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