Cloud Collaboration Technology for NYC Businesses

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Enterprise Cloud Collaboration Services

Giving your employees the ability to collaborate on department projects and goals from anywhere in the world keeps teams on the same page. 

Setting up a centralized communication platform for your workers is straightforward with Converged Technology Group’s enterprise cloud collaboration services.

What Is Enterprise Cloud Collaboration Technology?

Converged Technology Group recommends enterprise cloud collaboration solutions tailored to your industry and needs. From technology that lets you share videos to platforms useful for voice communications, our professionals help you work on a global scale. We specialize in enterprise cloud collaboration technology, enabling you to stick to industry regulations for security and compliance.

One of our experts will explain your options for cloud collaboration tools once we hear more about what makes your enterprise one-of-a-kind. Connect your employees whether they are in different offices, buildings, states or countries.

Advantages of Our Enterprise Cloud Collaboration Tools

Converged Technology Group is a cloud collaboration and Managed Services Partner (MSP) headquartered near New York City. We work with professionals like you, stretching from the financial sector to the media and entertainment industries, to improve company outcomes and reduce costs concerning technology support.

Depend on us for solutions that provide the following advantages for enterprises with 1,000+ employees:

  • Employees can work while traveling.
  • Workers can keep video calls and messages in one location.
  • Your enterprise can fine-tune the technology features it will use.
  • You can ensure your enterprise data remains accessible to authorized personnel.

Multiple Solutions for Collaboration

At Converged Technology Group, our experts partner with leaders in the technology space to provide you with tools that keep communications under one umbrella. One of our partners, Cisco, developed a networking platform useful for teamwork — Cisco Collaboration.

Rely on conferencing and messaging technology for success.

Voice Communications

Incorporate Cisco Collaboration into your workflow. Prioritize security with wired and wireless options for helping workers reach one another. Our voice communications solutions result in new levels of productivity and trouble-free calls.

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Video Communication

Encourage face-to-face communication between departments, employees and management. Converged Technology Group helps your workers build cohesive relationships no matter where team members are geographically.

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Team Collaboration

Bring your enterprise data and calls to one platform for improved organization. We provide Cisco Collaboration support services to businesses in New York City and Long Island. Unify teams with the ability to coordinate conferences that include remote and in-office workers.

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Contact Center

Pave the way for an outstanding customer experience. Converged Technology Group supports your enterprise with contact center solutions effective for managing company chat, email and website functions. Eliminate wait times and get customers to agents who can help promptly.

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Case Studies

Cloud collaboration is an essential technology that has emerged as a solution to physical boundaries and distance between teams. Workspace collaboration is a critical element in successful communication and overall development, both long-term and short.

We create workspace collaboration tools with the goal of positively impacting the daily operations of our clients, and we then use these solutions to help our customers usher in the future of the digital era. Harnessing the power of cloud collaboration to its full potential will empower your business and allow you to embrace success. The following is a case study that showcases the impact of cloud collaboration integration on our customers’ business operations.

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Converged Technology Group wants to make enterprise cloud collaboration technology accessible to your workforce in Long Island or New York City. To learn more about Cisco Collaboration and our services, contact our professionals.

Enhanced Workspaces


National Law Firm with 30 Locations


Move from on-premise to flexible Cisco Cloud, with single subscription for on-prem and cloud


  • Provided collaboration spaces via Cisco WebEx and WebEx Teams, with added analytics from cloud-delivered capacity
  • Enabled video at all 30 locations – cloud-registered endpoints with tight on-premise integration via WebEx Edge
  • Optimized adoption with analytics to track individual meeting attendance, etc. – processed via the cloud
  • Integrated with Office365 for easy access to apps and meetings – rich user experience across on-prem & cloud apps

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