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Desktop Virtualization Solutions from Converged Technology Group

Converged Technology Group Offers Desktop Virtualization Solutions, to Significantly Reduce IT Operations’ Overhead

man typing on keyboardVirtualization in the core data center areas such as servers, storage, and networking has become commonplace, yet organizations often overlook the significant cost savings and management efficiencies that are available through desktop virtualization (VDI).

Desktop virtualization solutions from Converged Technology Group offer IT unprecedented desktop and laptop environment control, while it helps to secure compute, network and data resources. New, personalized, virtual desktops can be deployed within minutes, not days, to provide consolidated and integrated management of virtual and physical infrastructure.

Converged Technology Group can help you free end users from the constraints of a specific device, while ensuring application performance at a level equal to or higher than traditional desktop models. As an additional bonus, desktop virtualization will assist to reduce long-term costs and to simplify management of your desktop environment by assisting IT to easily apply business policy and best practices.

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Desktop Virtualization Solutions from Converged Technology Group:

On-Premise Desktop Virtualization

Application and Desktop Virtualization Values:

  • Reduce desktop IT costs
  • Improve device security
  • Increase control
  • Expand connectivity

Virtualized desktops are hosted in your data center, which allows them to be accessed anywhere, at any time, from any device.

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Cloud-Based Desktop as a Service

Offers similar benefits from desktop as a service (DaaS) as you get from on-premise desktop virtualization. These include:

  • Reduced desktop IT costs
  • Improved security
  • Increased control
  • Expanded connectivity

From Manhattan to Montauk, including Nassau and Suffolk counties, businesses are turning to Converged Technology Group to streamline their efficiency and reduce their operational costs. Learn how our IT professionals can assist your enterprise, contact us today!

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