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Drive Cost Savings & Performance Gains with Data Center Virtualization

An organization’s data center is a mission-critical resource, but cost efficiency has long been an issue for many virtual data centers in New York. Converged Technology Group is dedicated to helping businesses in New York and Long Island determine the best way to unlock new levels of data center cost savings and performance. We specialize in helping organizations discover business-driven technology solutions that lower costs while maximizing ROI.

Our Data Center Consulting Services in NYC

As your dedicated partner, Converged Technology Group is focused on improving your organization’s IT performance and business outcomes while keeping costs low. Our proven consultative process is designed to simplify your infrastructure and help you create a more flexible, adaptable data center that meets your evolving needs.

Through our data center consulting services, we offer:

  • Personalized support: Our experienced virtualized data center consultants will work closely with your organization to develop a robust understanding of your distinct business characteristics, existing infrastructure investments and future business goals. This understanding enables us to help optimize technology assets while simplifying your operations for quickly realized ROI.
  • Comprehensive solutions: From unified computing and storage to server and desktop virtualization, our expert team will design, implement, operate and optimize virtualized data center solutions for your NYC business. Our solutions offer greater flexibility, reliability and scalability than most existing systems while maintaining and surpassing the speed and performance levels your business requires.
  • Cost-effective services: We keep a sharp eye on your data center operating expenses and bottom line to get you cost-effective solutions. We work to ensure your business can benefit from lower data center total cost of ownership (TCO), combined with improved reliability and availability of your critical technology assets.

Benefits of Our Data Center Solutions

With our decades of experience and expertise on your side, you can digitally transform your business to maintain your competitive edge and drive revenue. Converged Technology Group leverages the new generation of virtual and cloud-based technologies to empower your business to realize:

  • Increased bottom-line benefits from hardware savings.
  • Recovered data center real estate.
  • Reduced power consumption.
  • Enhanced scalability to grow and scale back as needed.
  • Improved resiliency and recovery times

Choose Converged Technology Group for Expert Data Center Design Consulting Services

We support hundreds of successful virtual data centers in New York and on Long Island, working with leading data center companies, including Cisco, Dell Technologies and VMware, to optimize existing assets and cost-effectively deploy new state-of-the-art systems. Our goal is to solve your critical business needs and position you to quickly capitalize on new business opportunities.

Consult with Converged Technology Group’s data center technology consultants to learn more about our available services and solutions to design, implement and support your virtual data center. Schedule a consultation today to see why New York and Long Island-based businesses rely on our services to ensure their enterprises run seamlessly.

Data Center Networking

Simplify your IT systems data center networking solutions from Converged Technology Group’s expert consultants. Using Cisco’s leading network technology, we streamline data center networking by eliminating unnecessary equipment and operational expenses – all while enabling higher levels of performance.

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Desktop Virtualization

Virtualization in the core data center areas such as servers, storage, and networking has become commonplace, yet organizations often overlook the significant cost savings and management efficiencies that are available through desktop virtualization (VDI).

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Cyber security solutions.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

It has become an unfortunate truth in today’s business environment that data disasters are very real threats. While most system administrators focus on data backup, little attention is given to data recovery testing.

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Converged’s primary and unstructured data storage solutions, provide organizations with the scalability, intelligence and cloud integration needed to unlock the value of their data, while decreasing application outages and reducing storage requirements with advanced deduplication.


Converged Technology Group, Inc.’s breadth of compute (server) portfolios provides organizations with a wide range of options that ensures the highest performance across a diverse set of workloads. These solutions are designed to speed deployment and improve application performance for database, high-performance computing and virtualization environments.

Cloud Solutions

Modernize your private cloud infrastructure with public cloud solutions. Public cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offerings, including compute, storage and backup solutions which are consumed “as you go” and help organizations shift from IT CapEx to OpEx consumption. Converged’s offerings range from cloud planning, migration, ongoing support and continued workload and cost optimization.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Is your business ready to level up to the Cloud? Converged Technology Group’s Azure Cloud Readiness Assessment service ensures your organization will be well-prepared to migrate your workloads quickly and seamlessly. Benefits of this secure environment to your business include accessible data, auto syncing, remote work facilitation, and easy backups. Using state-of-the-art assessment tools, our team will provide the guidance required to drive your business’s future success!

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Data Protection

Protect your data across edge, core and cloud with industry leading data protection appliances and software defined solutions.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Transform operations with turnkey integrated solutions that accelerate IT outcomes. Converged’s HCI solutions are built with modern IT technologies that include flash drives, are cloud-enabled, scale-out and are software defined.

Case Study

In an era where data drives decision-making and innovation, data center and cloud solutions have become the backbone of modern businesses. We’re proud to be an essential resource for our clients that are looking to transform and optimize their existing operations. The following is a case study that presents the achievements of our customers and explores the applications of our cloud software solutions. Here we will delve into our various software tools from disaster recovery solutions to cloud backup solutions and examine the valuable insights gained through harnessing the full potential of data center and cloud solutions.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery


International Airport


Cloud backup as-a-service as simplified approach to backup enterprise applications and workloads


  • Eliminated need for capital investment
  • Improved operational efficiency and productivity
  • Reduced risk while increasing compliance

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