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Today, email remains the primary means of communication for most businesses, and the number one threat vector. As such, it’s important to protect your email systems from this very common cyber threat. The best way to secure your organization’s reputation and bottom line is through cyber-security education and a layered approach that incorporates email security best practices and solutions.  Recognizing the various types of threats, and using the right tools to defend against them, helps ensure your organization and users are protected as well as providing defenses against financial losses and potential significant damage to a company’s reputation.  Converged Technology Group provides best-in-class email solutions that scan all inbound, outbound, and internal mail for spam, viruses, and anomalies that might indicate incidents of compromise or phishing attempts. Our sophisticated secure email systems will quarantine and remediate threats automatically so that end users are protected from threats without ever having been exposed to them.  

Converged Technology Group Partners with world leading cyber-security manufacturers.  Schedule a consultation today with our cyber-security experts at (631) 468-5770 to learn more.

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