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It becomes more apparent in daily headlines: ‘secure’ systems are being hacked with data breaches across all types and sizes of industries. What can you do to protect your business? Hundreds of companies, across a wide range of industries, depend on Converged Technology Group’s Managed Detection and Response Services (MDR) solution that includes round the clock vigilance against data security threats and a solid disaster recovery plan. Here is what you can expect:

Assist360 Managed Detection & Response, together with Alert Logic, will protect your critical business data 24/7/365. These industry-leading solutions allow our team to provide the visibility, monitoring, analytics, and most important response, to every critical issue impacting the preservation and restoration of your business-critical assets. Our threat detection and incident management includes a 15-minute triage Service Level Agreement (SLA), Managed Detection and Response (MDR) concierge support. Collectively, these programs offer vulnerability scanning, asset visibility, and endpoint detection. Coupled with decisive management by our Assist 360 team, guided by Alert Logic’s global Security Operations Center (SOC) your business’ need for security planning, deployment, and configuration services are fully covered. In the event of a threat, our team can respond immediately thanks to real-time alerts from global security experts.

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Converged Technology Group offers three key aspects of a successful Managed Detection and Response Solution: 

Planning and deployment: we design the system architecture, implement firewall security requirements, install the virtual appliance, and deploy agents for in-scope servers.

Configuration: we configure syslog service, audit levels, log sources, and notifications in the Alert Logic console, implement and verify integrations, review/update exclusions, provide service orientation and console walkthrough, provide incident tuning, and log tuning.

Assist360 Continuous Support: Extensive services include- Take action on all security incidents, manage network changes, monitor, detect, and triage error conditions, maintain email alert notifications, coordinate incident response, configure, schedules and review external scans, oversee and manage all equipment moves, adds, changes.

The best time to address potential threats to your enterprise’ assets is before they occur. For a confidential consultation as to how your business can be protected by our comprehensive Managed Detection and Response Services (MDR) solution, schedule a meeting with Converged Technology Group today!

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