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The health care industry faces stringent data regulations and technological scrutiny due to the sensitive information systems hold. To streamline operations, decrease costs and safeguard your environment, you need custom, secure, robust IT solutions. 

Converged Technology Group offers award-winning IT services for health care organizations in New York City. Enhance your system performance, increase security and improve your patient-care experience with our tech-advanced solutions.

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Why Are Reputable Health Care IT Services Critical?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and other health care industry regulations complicate the use of technology. Ensuring compliance and managing costs and services in-house is complex, time-consuming and sometimes ineffective for health care organizations.

Our reputable services make IT and data compliance straightforward and technology utilization affordable and frictionless.

Our Health Care Managed IT Services

Converged Technology Group offers customizable, advanced IT services for health care providers:

Co-managed IT Services

Our co-managed 360-degree approach helps your health care organization maintain peak IT performance at a cost-effective price. Our cloud-based managed services allow us to supplement your internal IT team by monitoring, proactively managing and offering real-time support for your mission-critical operation areas. 

Fully Outsourced Managed IT Services

We offer fully outsourced managed IT services to health care providers with 15 to 75 users. Our team handles discovery, road mapping, IT service management, 24/7 monitoring and alerting, 365-day service support, patch management, and managed end-point protection. You can optimize your efficiency and security with this enhanced IT support. 

Project Services

Our robust IT consulting services help you maximize your internal IT resources through ongoing and project support solutions. We fortify your existing team’s IT and security efforts, improving availability and reliability and reducing operational overhead costs. Our solution architects will work with your health care organization when implementing solutions to make transitions smooth and within budget, scope and timelines.  

Why Partner With Converged Technology Group?

For decades, Converged Technology Group has provided award-winning IT support for health care organizations. We offer:

Extensive Knowledge and Expertise

We leverage our extensive technological expertise to tackle your health care organization’s desired objectives. With our help, you can prioritize your IT performance and outcomes while minimizing support costs.

Results-Driven Outcomes

Our team will meet your ever-evolving tech requirements, delivering IT solutions that improve your bottom line. Our fully or co-managed IT services drive accurate results to increase efficiency and productivity while mitigating cybersecurity risks. 

Strategic Alliances

At Converged Technology Group, we utilize industry-best technology and solutions from strategic partners such as Dell Technologies, Microsoft and Cisco. Through these strategic alliances, we optimize your infrastructure and IT technologies to maximize collaboration, enterprise networking, data center, and cloud and security capabilities.

Efficient Methodologies

Our robust, proven life cycle methodology ensures you experience swift and seamless installation and integration. Our unique positioning and services allow us to offer responsive ongoing support. 

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Converged Technology Group leverages decades of experience to help your organization streamline its IT systems, making operations more patient-centric, safe and secure. 

Enhance your data security, cut costs and boost efficiency with our services. Contact us online to get started.

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