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Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) offers world-record-setting virtualization performance as a single unified system that integrates a unified fabric, embedded management, and powerful servers. The architecture drives greater performance of virtualized environments by better balancing resources, and increases your ability to be responsive to changing workloads and conditions.

Server Virtualization Solutions from Converged Technology Group

Our server virtualization solutions are helping enterprises across New York create real ROI from lower hardware, operating, and energy costs

There are many reasons to virtualize your data center, not the least of which is savings. The savings from server virtualization includes cutting the number of physical servers required, the data center space saved by removing unnecessary machines, as well as the resulting energy savings from not having to power and cool racks of hardware. With data virtualization, an organization enjoys considerable savings, however, an expertly designed server virtualization solution can deliver other meaningful benefits.

Converged Technology Group brings virtualization across the entire data center to transform servers, storage, networking, desktops as well as applications. With world-class partners like Cisco, Dell Technologies, VMware, and others providing the hardware and software tools that the Converged Technology Group team utilizes to create highly available, flexible and scalable data centers. Adding the flexibility of server virtualization, your data center is better equipped to keep pace with the growth of your business without incurring the high costs of more traditional expansions.


Dell Technologies storage, combined with VMware, provides a consolidated infrastructure leveraging server virtualization and centralized storage to increase utilization of both while improving performance and provisioning.


VMware’s vSphere helps you get the best performance, availability, and efficiency from your infrastructure and applications, taking data virtualization to the next level with intelligent operations management for improved performance and availability.

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