Fully Outsourced Managed IT Services

For Small to Medium Businesses

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Co-Managed IT Services

For Mid-Market Commercial and Enterprise Businesses

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Converged Technology Group is your source for fully outsourced managed IT services, co-managed IT services, and IT consulting services in New York. We’re fully committed to providing your internal IT department with the skills and resources necessary to further all of your business initiatives.

Whether you’re looking for an IT services consultant, or a full set of managed IT services, the team of professionals at Converged Technology Group will satisfy your IT needs.

Our Results-Oriented Managed IT Services,
Are Designed To Propel Your Business Forward

With Converged Technology Group, you can fully optimize each aspect of your business technology to boost efficiency, allowing you to focus on your bottom line.

Professional Services

Our team of highly-trained implementation experts will act as an extension of your team, offering comprehensive services tailored specifically to your needs. Whether you’re in need of IT consulting services in New York or project management, you’ll have all the support your business needs.

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Assist360° Co-Managed IT Support

In today’s turbulent business climate, technology has become vital for the daily operations of commercial enterprises, requiring full support 24x7x365. Converged Technology Group applies cutting-edge IT consulting services in New York and hands-on support, resulting in enhanced reliability, accessibility, and peace of mind, all without putting unnecessary strain on your internal IT staff.

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Assist360° Managed IT Helpdesk

Converged Technology Group offers fully outsourced IT support to organizations. This option is typically recommended for organizations with around 15-75 users. As your IT services consultant, we can provide you with the guidance and know-how needed for your internal IT staff to thrive like never before.

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