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In the United States, the media and entertainment industry is a giant that generates $703 billion in profits annually. The axiom holds – the larger the industry, the greater the amount of data to be stored, maintained, and protected. Hackers frequently target industries with a large consumer base, making solid media IT support a necessity to deter security threats, no matter how large or small your individual enterprise. However, security is not the only concern for an industry that turns on the whims of their customers’ experience requirements. For local entertainment meccas, on Long Island and in Manhattan, no matter what your current entertainment enterprise scale, to grow your firm must anticipate and provide your demographic with constant innovation beyond their expectations. Through the latest technological advances and tools from our industry’s top providers, Converged Technology Group assists our clients in the media and entertainment fields to achieve and maintain greater success. Here’s a rundown of current entertainment industry trends and the media IT services Converged Technology Group can offer this exhilarating yet demanding industry:

  • Social media video – each major outlet clocks between 1 billion and 1.25 billion monthly viewers.
  • Streaming services: this corner of the industry continues to achieve exponential growth. By 2025 revenue is expected to top $108 billion per year.
  • Cloud Gaming searches, especially for Esports and mobile gaming, has increased by over 195% thanks to over 3.2 billion gamers worldwide.
  • To date there are about 2 million active podcasts with about 150 million consumers listening monthly. Growth in this sector is estimated at 17% by 2023.
  • Entertainment meta trends include Fitness, which is spawning interest in new sports activities. Which are currently consuming attention? Garage gyms, Peloton, virtual bike packing, pickleball, and, would you believe, axe throwing, draw the highest viewership metrics.

With these trends come vulnerabilities. Whatever range on the media and entertainment spectrum consumes your business, know that Converged Technology Group offers complete, co-managed, and even helpdesk media IT support. Allow our team to assess your needs and to provide the ideal ‘next gen’ solution to encompass your data and network infrastructure, as well as its integrity requirements. From Enterprise Networking, Cloud Collaboration, Data Center/Cloud-centric solutions, and state-of-the-art Network Security, Converged Technology Group offers the media IT services that every business in this industry requires not only to survive, but also to thrive.

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