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As the global economy emerges from pandemic impacts, how many industries perform their business operations is evolving to support their customers’ needs. The main challenge the financial services industry now faces is how to implement and maintain the new technologies driving their organizations. Technological innovations that support and maintain the data essential to drive your highly regulated industry include improved payment systems and the utilization of smart analytics to harvest valuable consumer data to serve your customers optimally. At this critical point, many in this industry are asking themselves, “Is it cost effective to support an in-house IT staff, to outsource the tasks completely, or to partner with a trusted firm to co-manage essential financial IT services?”  

The answer is, “It depends. It depends on your individual business needs.” A leader in this field, Converged Technology Group has provided financial IT support to an extensive roster of clients in your industry. We understand that among the leading challenges financial corporations are facing now include:

  • Retaining your competitive edge in the new era of FinTech.
  • Keeping up with the latest technological advances that drive financial IT services.
  • Concerns about potential data breaches and cybersecurity.
  • Applying new technologies yet remaining regulation compliant. 
  • Questions regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation and Cloud storage.  

Contact our team today to schedule a confidential appointment to discuss your unique needs. Our team capably assists numerous clients throughout the Tri-State as well as on Long Island. We can provide several financial IT support options including Co-Managed IT Services, Fully-Managed IT services, as well as a help-desk. IT support provides all the expertise, and additional staff required to effectively run your business while protecting client data. This enables you to focus your energies and initiatives on your core business, without concern for data exposure, loss, liabilities, or fines. To learn more about how Converged Technology Group’s financial IT services will benefit your business, call us today at (631) 468-5770.

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