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The nonprofit sector is notorious for tight budgets and pressed time. Your nonprofit organization will benefit from streamlined IT solutions and support that help you focus your time, attention and funds on your mission. 

Converged Technology Group offers reliable, affordable IT services for nonprofits in New York City. We can help you maximize your resources with innovative technology and 24/7 support.

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The Importance of Managed IT Services for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations must safeguard donor and other stakeholder data while supporting their mission. Securing data and having a robust IT infrastructure helps garner trust and leads to greater investment and scaling operations. Many nonprofits do not invest in critical IT infrastructure due to time, budget and other constraints. However, managed IT services are vital because they help these organizations proactively monitor systems, implement technical safeguards and expand capabilities. 

Converged Technology Group offers easy-to-implement, cost-effective IT solutions that can scale over time. You can enjoy the benefits of IT support and services without the implementation hassle and cost friction. 

Our Nonprofit IT Support Solutions

At Converged Technology Group, we customize our specialized IT services to offer nonprofits the necessary IT support. Our solutions include:

1. Fully Outsourced Managed IT Services

We offer comprehensive outsourced managed IT services to nonprofits in NYC. These services are ideal for organizations with 15 to 75 users. 

You can have greater peace of mind with our complete IT service management, which includes 24/7 monitoring, threat alerting and ongoing 365-day support. Our team handles patch management and end-point protection to safeguard your systems against the latest threats.

2. Co-Managed IT Services

Our co-managed IT services bolster your IT system performance and cost-effectively supplement your internal IT resources. We leverage cloud-based technologies to monitor, support and manage your nonprofit’s vital business areas while ensuring your team can operate as normal.

3. Project Services

Our extensive IT consulting services fortify your existing team’s IT efforts, leading to enhanced availability and reliability. This support means your team can return to doing mission-critical business for your nonprofit quickly and efficiently. Our responsiveness also translates to reduced overhead costs and creates overall trust for your organization. 

Why Partner With Us for IT Management Support Services?

For decades, Converged Technology Group has assisted nonprofit organizations in enhancing IT systems and safeguarding sensitive information. Our team will help you upgrade network infrastructure, bolster cybersecurity and scale capabilities with award-winning technology. We offer:

Reliable Solutions

Converged Technology Group utilizes trusted products from leading service providers like Microsoft, Cisco and Dell Technologies.

Valuable Experience

We leverage our expertise and future-forward solutions to streamline your IT performance and minimize support costs. 

Meaningful Results

Our team implements cost-effective, advanced solutions to help your nonprofit grow, maximize resources and drive results that impact your core mission. 

Cloud technology.

Quick Uptime

We deploy proven life cycle methodologies when implementing IT solutions, meaning minimal downtime to get your systems up and running. Our ongoing support further ensures 24/7 uptime and IT efficiency.

Receive Reliable IT Support for Nonprofits in NYC

Spend less time trying to solve technical IT issues and more time on your critical mission. Converged Technology Group gives you peace of mind knowing that IT experts are handling your problems, data threats and patches to ensure your organization runs optimally.

Interested in maximizing your nonprofit with affordable, reliable and scalable IT services? Contact our team online today for customized solutions.

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