SD-WAN Networking for NYC Businesses

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Increasing productivity, achieving significant cost savings, and creating a more secure environment

Collaboration in a meeting.Increasing productivity, achieving significant cost savings, and creating a more secure environment are just some of the benefits to be realized when you choose Converged Technology Group for your SD-WAN solutions.

Moving applications to the cloud requires faster, more reliable connectivity. The Internet of Things (IoT) demands even more performance as connected consumer endpoints multiply, taxing bandwidth and exposing sensitive networks to threats and vulnerabilities. In addition, your workforce is becoming more mobile, demanding optimal performance wherever they go.
It’s a complex and changing landscape for a business to manage, but it can be navigated with confidence when partnering with the experts at Converged Technology Group. Converged Technology Group’s SD-WAN solutions provide unparalleled visibility across your WAN, optimal connectivity for end users, and the most comprehensive security platform to harden your network.

Benefits of SD-WAN Services:

  • Transport independence: Supporting zero network downtime, SD-WAN automates application flexibility over multiple connections, such as the Internet, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), and wireless 4G LTE.
  • Network services: Rich networking and security services are delivered with a few simple clicks. WAN optimization, cloud security, firewalling, intrusion protection (IPS), and URL filtering can be deployed wherever needed across the SD-WAN fabric from a single location. Endpoint flexibility:
  • SD-WAN can simplify connectivity across branches, campuses, data centers, and cloud environments, extending the SD-WAN fabric wherever you need it to go. Whether physical or virtual, SD-WAN platforms gives you unparalleled choice, helping ensure that your specific business needs are accommodated.

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Converged Technology Group delivers secure network infrastructure solutions for businesses across the New York City and Long Island region. Our goal is to become a cost-effective, reliable partner by reducing complexity, shrinking costs, and maximizing ROI to help provide your business a competitive edge today and in the future. To learn more about our SD-WAN services and solutions, schedule a consultation with our team today (631) 519-8762 today.

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