Disaster Recovery Solutions

It has become an unfortunate truth in today’s business environment that data disasters are very real threats. While most system administrators focus on data backup, little attention is given to data recovery testing. Comprehensive disaster recovery solutions are vital for any business faced with a data disaster-selecting the right partner for this important service can have a profound impact on a business’ recovery efforts.

With so much riding on your data environment, businesses can’t afford to have a problem with their backups. Discovering the backup protocol is flawed will likely result in lost data, corrupted data or, worse yet, a catastrophic loss. Implementing a comprehensive disaster recovery solution is imperative in today’s data-driven business environment. Ongoing testing and evaluation is necessary for effective disaster recovery and should be a priority. Approximately 93% of businesses that suffer a major data disaster are out of business within a year. That is a sobering statistic, to be sure.

The team of experts at Converged Technology Group can help to develop, implement and monitor your disaster recovery solutions. When there’s a disaster, outage, ransomware strike, or other disruption, getting back online quickly is imperative. Being prepared for a data disaster won’t prevent a disruption, but it will minimize the damage to your business with fast and effective solutions developed by the experts at Converged Technology Group.

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