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It has become an unfortunate truth in today’s business environment that data disasters are very real threats, which is why you need IT disaster recovery in NYC. While most system administrators focus on data backup, little attention is given to data recovery testing. Comprehensive disaster recovery solutions are vital for any business faced with a data disaster. Selecting the right partner for this important service can profoundly impact a business’s recovery efforts.

You need data backup solutions for your NYC business. Ongoing testing and evaluation should be a priority for effective disaster recovery.

IT Disaster Recovery Planning in NYC

You might currently have an IT person to deal with data backups or have no system in place. But as your business grows, the risk of not backing up increases. Discovering the flawed backup protocol will likely result in lost data, corrupted data or, worse yet, a catastrophic loss.

By managing your backup and getting a solution will improve functionality by:

  • Minimizing downtime: If something were to go wrong, no problem. Because we will handle your backups for you, we can quickly give access and restore to the latest version as soon as systems are online again. 
  • Providing financial safety: Your company will not lose its files in a natural disaster or other disruptions. Your company documents, files, information, product info and other files will be safe. If something happens, you will not have to spend time recreating anything or capturing data from printed copies. 
  • Protecting data integrity: You will have a record of documents and secured data at all times. Our team will work with you to determine what data needs more protection than others and how frequently it needs to be updated.

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We offer our clients a number of backup options, including:

Cloud Service

All data is backed up on a remote cloud-based server. This option comes with high levels of stability and remote access, which is useful if you have teams worldwide or employees who work from home or while traveling. 

Local Backup

Data is backed up to a local storage device in the office. You can have your own server rooms or something small like an external hard drive, depending on the size of your business. 

Cloud technology.

Co-Managed Server Backup

Co-managed is usually a combination of on-premises and cloud solutions. You can diversify your backup, allowing for more protection. If there is a physical disruption within the building, you have a backup on the cloud. If there is an external disruption, such as a cyberattack, you have a backup on your internal servers. 

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Converged Technology Group’s experts can help develop, implement and monitor your disaster recovery solutions. When there’s a disaster, outage, ransomware strike or other disruption, getting back online quickly is imperative. Being prepared for a data disaster won’t prevent a disruption, but it will minimize the damage to your business with fast and effective solutions developed by Converged Technology Group.

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