Data Center Networking in NYC

Through leading network technology from Cisco, Converged Technology Group simplifies, streamlines and optimizes data center networking. We help your organization break down silos created by purpose-built networks and improve IT performance. Our experts can assist in eliminating unnecessary equipment, easing burdens on IT staff and reducing operational expenses while delivering higher levels of performance across traditional, virtualized and cloud infrastructures.

Ways We Enhance Your Data Center’s Infrastructure for Greater Efficiency

Converged Technology Group will thoroughly assess your current data center configuration and create a new data center map built on the latest high-capacity Cisco Nexus and Catalyst switches. We also utilize new architectures, such as Cisco FabricPath, that create a flatter data center switching design for improved simplicity, scalability and flexibility while intelligently routing data and meeting workload demands.

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Our experienced team can help you simplify your New York business’s cloud and networking needs to unlock benefits such as:

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Improved Scalability

Streamlined data center networking makes it easy to grow your operations while maintaining optimal performance.

Increased Resilience

Optimizing data center networking with greater redundancy improves recovery times and keeps your business running smoothly.

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Maximized Servers and Storage

Pooled networks are more efficient, resulting in greater space, power and cooling savings.

Enhanced Efficiency

We will continuously monitor your environment to ensure it operates at peak efficiency.

Areas We Support You In

Our experts can assist in:

  • Eliminating unnecessary equipment: Outdated, redundant and underutilized equipment can all be removed, scrapped and recycled. We will assess your current technology and recommend what can be taken out and what needs to be introduced. Newer systems will give you a higher performance with fewer physical components, saving both energy and space.
  • Easing burdens on IT staff: A lot of the systems we design are automated, reducing the stress and strain on your IT staff. They can instead focus on strategic initiatives while our crafted technology solutions handle the day-to-day maintenance. 
  • Reducing operational expenses: Newer technology comes with the advantage of being energy-efficient, reducing costs. It is also less likely to break down and need repairs, unlike older systems. Having a low-maintenance system will result in less downtime, increasing your staff’s efficiency. 

Technical support services.

About Our Service

Data center networking is part of our larger solutions with cloud and networking services. We offer personalized partnerships by focusing on improvement through consultation. Improvement can come in the form of simplification, creating a more flexible, adaptable data center that can evolve with your business and scale as you grow.

Improvement can also come from our comprehensive solutions uniquely designed for your business. We offer personalized support that will give your organization an understanding of the infrastructure. We can also get insight into your objectives, allowing us to suggest technology that can help you realize your return on investment. 

Choose Converged Technology Group for Data Center Networking Solutions

Converged Technology Group is your dedicated partner on your digital transformation journey. We know how critical your data center is to smooth, connected workflows, which is why we work closely with your organization to develop personalized business-driven solutions that enhance IT performance. As you work with our seasoned experts, you’ll experience best-in-class service designed to meet your unique needs.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help streamline and optimize networking within your NYC business’s data center.

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