Data Center Networking

Simplifying Data Center Networks Unlocks Benefits

Convergence brings improved scalability and resiliency

The propagation of purpose-built networks within the data center has created a series of silos, from LANs and SANs to different protocols like Ethernet and Fibre Channel. While they may have been effective at solving their purpose, these networks’ utilization, scalability and resiliency can hold back IT performance. In addition, the complexity of managing these networks one at a time only adds to the burden of IT staff.

Through leading network technology from Cisco, Converged Technology Group simplifies, streamlines and optimizes data center networking to eliminate unnecessary equipment and reduce operational expenses while delivering higher levels of performance across traditional, virtualized and cloud infrastructures.

To begin converging your data center networks, our experienced team performs thorough assessments of your current configuration and then creates a new map of your data center built on the latest high capacity Cisco Nexus and Catalyst switches. Converged Technology Group also utilizes new architectures such as Cisco FabricPath that creates a flatter data center switching design for improved simplicity, scalability and flexibility while intelligently routing data and meeting workload demands.

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