Wireless LAN

Ensuring that Wireless Networks Perform and Protect

Secure, robust wireless networking for agile enterprises

Businesses can increase worker productivity by enabling access to corporate business applications via a secure wireless infrastructure. Wireless Networking allows workers to move about, conducting business as usual, while maintaining essential contact to network data and communications. This essential function has become a vital feature in the era of smartphones, tablet devices and laptops and will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

Converged Technology Group’s core team has the ability to design and implement secure wireless LAN (wireless networking) solutions that meet your business requirements and provide enhanced communications, operational efficiency and maximum cost savings.

Our wireless networking solutions include:

  • Wireless RF Prediction: by estimating the coverage of access points via your RF environment simulation, Converged Tech provides a detailed access point placement map with accurate performance estimates.
  • Wireless LAN Site Survey: this physical premises survey helps Converged’s IT professionals accurately visualize coverage areas and determine data rates.
  • Guest wireless LAN: Keeps your primary data files and personal information secure while allowing visitors to access a secondary guest-WiFi network to steam, surf, check emails, and connect to the internet.
  • Internal wireless LAN (WLAN): A wireless network connection, unlike traditional wired LANs where devices communicate via Ethernet cables.
  • Voice over wireless LAN: Essentially a voice over internet protocol, VoWLANs are wireless broadband networks for vocal communications, i.e. phone systems.

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