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As the central point that directs all customer interactions, the contact center is any business’ front line and key to establishing and growing their enterprise. Building and maintaining customer relationships are a long-term process that can be damaged with one misstep. Unlike the call center, which is telephony-driven to handle in and outbound calls, the contact center covers all customer service support channels. These include chat, email, Voice Over IP (VoIP) and websites  By better managing the contact center, companies can streamline the communications process, provide improved service and lower operating costs. With our advanced approach to improve routing, integration, and contact management, Converged Technology Group offers our customers ideal contact center solutions.

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Contact Center Solutions Impact:

  • Increased contact center volume capabilities
  • Greater control yet allows customers to self self-service through keyword-driven instant/text messaging and/or chatbot communication
  • Enhanced customer profiling to improve customer service experience
  • Multiple channels mean more customer data may be collected
  • Customer experience can be tailored to benefit specific demographics to better route calls and incoming communications
  • Integrated Voice Response (IVR) systems accurately predict intent to direct customers to appropriate agents and/or to solve customer issues without agent involvement
  • End-to-end automation streamlines the customer journey
  • Reduced wait times thereby increasing customer satisfaction
  • Automated processing ie. updates/fulfillment
  • Increased Al reduces call volume maximizes agent effectiveness
  • Enables agents to create personalized solutions to swiftly resolve customer issues
  • Reduced handling time = higher UES scores and a better customer experience

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Converged Technology Group utilizes Cisco Contact Center Solutions and its intelligent contact routing, computer telephony integration and multichannel contact management features to build a superior contact center infrastructure. With an improved contact center system from Converged, companies can profit from more efficient customer service representatives and integration with the rich functionality of their Unified Communications solution.

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