Superior Routing and Switching Solutions for Enterprise Networking

Intelligent, high performance networking technology keeps your business moving

The network is at the center of any strategic IT innovation. If it doesn’t perform to its fullest potential, how can its applications, services or media function? High-performance enterprise networking require this communications backbone to truly deliver all the benefits of efficiency-enhancing, cost-reducing technologies and applications.

By moving to a borderless network architecture with built-in intelligence and peerless flexibility and scalability, organizations can lay the foundation for their next game-changing technology decision and ensure that their network is always operating at peak efficiency. An effective enterprise network system using appropriate routing and switching solutions has the potential to make a positive impact for any technology-dependent organization.

With state-of-the-art Cisco routers and switches, Converged Technology Group designs, deploys and operates networking solutions that are unparalleled in their efficiency, performance and security. When coupled with the ongoing support provided by our Assist360° Managed Services, a Converged network can lower your total IT operating costs, simplify the management of network assets and improve application and service performance.

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