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A Proven Methodology to Deliver Powerful Business Results

For businesses across New York & Long Island, our IT consultants have proven the success of our technology delivery model to fully realize the outcomes they seek

Whether your business goals are to increase revenue/productivity, reduce costs or mitigate risks, Converged Technology Group will help achieve those outcomes through business-driven, technology-enabled solutions.

In full support of your business requirements, Converged Technology Group’s IT consultants leverage a proven lifecycle approach to every project that ensures optimum alignment of technology with business requirements.

1. Assess Business Needs

Our assessments start with core business requirements, not just IT expectations. By understanding what your organization needs to achieve – whether it’s greater productivity, enhanced collaboration, scalability for growth, lower costs – and the current obstacles holding you back, we can craft our technology solutions to account for those challenges and provide a solid platform to reach your goals.

2. Recommend Best-Fit Technology

Once we understand your current and long-term business and technology goals, we carefully craft a comprehensive, detailed design solution that will enable you to effectively reach them. Customized solutions are developed to support your specific availability, reliability, security, scalability and performance requirements.

Inherent in this phase are:

  • Architectural Design
  • Implementation Planning
  • Operational Planning

3. Implement Solutions

An efficient transition to your new technology solution is critical: a smooth and successful implementation will allow you to quickly begin reaping the solution’s inherent rewards. We leverage a consistent project implementation methodology to help ensure a seamless transition to your new advanced IT solutions.

The implementation process involves:

  • Project Kickoff
  • Detailed Design and Planning
  • Staging
  • Implementation
  • Cutover(s)
  • FDiS Support
  • Training / Knowledge Transfer
  • Project Close

Our Assist360° co-managed services offerings have been optimized to provide a highly efficient and cost-effective ongoing support solution for each technology implementation we provide our customers. Service packages can be customized to meet your unique ongoing requirements – all in an innovative cloud-based model geared to optimizing monitoring and support spend for lower TCO.

Our Assist360° Co-Managed Services include:

  • Managed Network Infrastructure
  • Managed Server Infrastructure
  • Managed End-User Helpdesk
  • Managed Backup
  • Managed Hosted Server / Storage Azure
  • Managed Hosted Server / Storage Azure Sec. Checkups
  • Managed Security Firewall
  • Managed Security Patch Management
  • Managed IT Helpdesk
  • Managed Security Awareness Training
  • Managed Web Security
  • Managed Email Security
  • Managed Detection & Response
  • Managed PC Cloud Backup

4. Validate the Value

Our focus on value doesn’t end once your technology solution is launched. We want to ensure that its value is being maximized in practice over time. The Converged Technology experts perform active follow up to evaluate performance metrics of your implemented solution, confirming areas where goals have been met as well as identifying opportunities to drive even further results.

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