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Delivering LAN, WAN, Wireless LAN and Security solutions for your enterprise networking that supports current and future growth

Uniting multi-service applications for voice, video and data on a single converged network infrastructure can increase productivity, provide significant savings and give your business a competitive advantage. Converged Technology Group’s enterprise networking consultants will help you take full advantage of the opportunities enabled by an advanced network, optimizing and supplementing your existing network investment to support this converged paradigm, and the new technologies that will power your business.

Using our lifecycle services approach, we design, implement, operate and optimize LAN, WAN, wireless LAN and security solutions that are highly scalable and flexible to your growth-oriented needs.

We know that the challenge is in choosing a network solution that will not only meet your present day business requirements, but will continue to support your business throughout the next several years — and we provide the expertise to help you determine the network solution investment with the best ROI.

Our enterprise networks solution services include:


Your network is the foundation for all the vital technology within your organization, so we understand that you expect your network to always be working peak efficiency. An innovative networking solution from Converged Technology Group’s enterprise networking consultants will improve application and service performance and simplify network asset management, all while saving you money in IT operating costs.

Wireless LAN

Converged Technology Group deploys scalable, cost effective, and secure wireless LAN solutions for vital mobility within your organization. Our solutions address any wireless LAN security threats, and the control challenges that your business is confronted with when managing wireless networks. Our solutions also simplify deployment and system management, all while improving operational efficiency.


Converged Technology Group, Inc’s WAN solutions enable your organization to seamlessly and securely connect to applications across your cloud, data center and office locations. These solutions transform the network edge by delivering the best of SD-WAN, security, edge computing and 5G-ready connectivity.


Converged Technology Group, Inc.s SD-WAN solutions enables organizations to securely connect their users to their applications via the most cost-effective and reliable source of connectivity available.

Zero Trust & Intent-Based Networking

Zero Trust is a strategic approach to security that centers on the concept of eliminating trust from an organizations network architecture. A zero-trust approach: Establishes trust in every access attempt, no matter where it comes from. Secures access across your applications and network. Extends trust to support a modern enterprise across the distributed network.

Intent Based Networking (IBN) transforms a hardware-centric, manual network into a controller-led network that leverages business application policies to automate the provisioning of policies across a network. The intent is to ensure that the network continuously adjusts network performance based on the intended outcomes for the business.

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