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Future-Ready Enterprise Networking to Power Your Success

Delivering LAN, Wireless LAN, WAN and SD-WAN solutions for your enterprise networking that supports current and future growth

Our team of enterprise networking consultants will help you take full advantage of the opportunities enabled by an advanced network. We assess your LAN, WAN, Wireless LAN and SD-WAN needs, then listen to your objectives and how you envision business growth. From there, we can then make recommendations and implement the solution. The result will be optimized for your specific business and designed to grow and scale with your operations.

We want the solution we give you to maximize efficiency. It’s not a one-size-fits-all or a once-off operation. Our services are a partnership to enable you to focus on your business while we handle your enterprise networking solutions here in NYC.

Our enterprise data networking services include:


Your network is the foundation for all the vital technology within your organization, so we understand that you expect your network to always be functioning at peak efficiency. An innovative networking solution from Converged Technology Group’s enterprise networking consultants will improve overall application and service performance as well as simplify network asset management. Higher efficiency, lower IT expenses and improved performance are all attainable by partnering with the right computer networking provider.

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Wireless LAN

Converged Technology Group deploys scalable, cost effective, and secure wireless LAN solutions for optimum mobility within your organization. Our solutions address potential wireless LAN security threats, and the resulting control challenges that your business may be confronted with when managing wireless networks. Our solutions are designed to simplify deployment and system management while improving operational efficiency.

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How Enterprise Networking Solutions Can Help You

Our company is results-oriented. We are ready to show you how we can optimize your business and help you propel forward. By improving your corporate network solutions on NYC, you will be able to reap benefits such as:

  • An increase in productivity: With systems that just work, you will see less downtime. Your network will be faster, and your technology will be streamlined and efficient. All of these factors will enable your teams to focus on work and increase productivity. 
  • Significant savings: Employees being able to focus on work will mean an improvement in the bottom line for you.  
  • A competitive advantage: Leave your competitors working with older systems while you fly ahead with automated systems and applications all on one infrastructure. 

Case Studies

As a data-driven entity, our enterprise networking solutions have helped countless companies transform their existing infrastructures and improve performance. We’re proud to present a case study that demonstrates our capabilities as a leader in enterprise networking solutions. Here we will delve into the examination of our SD-WAN, LAN, and other deliveries of digital networking solutions. Our strategies and networking tools have allowed us to seamlessly promote the growth of our partnering customers.


National Media & Entertainment Company

Upgraded legacy high-cost WAN with an Enterprise Software Defined WAN 


  • Business driven WAN allowed for business intent to drive application and network resources
  • High quality WAN experience provided consistent and available application performance
  • Continues adaption leveraged machine learning to allow for the SD-WAN fabric to adapt dynamical to changing network conditions
  • Centralized Management provided a single pain of glass to easily manage and troubleshoot the SD-WAN fabric.


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