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Harness the Power of Video Conferencing and Voice Communications for Efficient, Effective Collaboration

Video provides enterprises a sweet spot between over the phone and in-person

The rising cost of travel may have made the road warrior an endangered species, but face-to-face communication is often superior to written or voice-only dialogue. The right video system improves employees’ abilities to communicate with each other, customers, and partners without adding to the IT staff’s burden.

By bringing business video into your organization’s communications portfolio, Converged Technology Group can transform the workplace with lower cost, higher impact meetings, webcasts, and conversations. We utilize the latest Unified Communications solutions to make video calls as easy as phone calls, leveraging the IP telephone already on your employees’ desks. Video is also a key learning tool in higher education, healthcare, and other industries because it enables one-to-many outreach and many-to-many collaboration.

2020’s quarantine mandate made the majority of us familiar with video conferencing coupled with voice communications. Working remotely required businesses to quickly adapt to new communication vehicles for their survival. These technologies kept countless businesses up and running and supported the national economy to boot. The beauty of these communication technologies is not only their ease of use, but they are well within the reach of even the smallest company. However, the one-size-fits-most mass-market video communication tools may not be best suited for your unique enterprise. Converged Technologies offers business video solutions to ensure that your meetings maximize efficiency while minimizing expense. Our video conferencing benefits include:

  • Multimedia accessible
  • Includes audio conferencing
  • Requirements include high-speed internet
  • Ideal for team collaboration such as screen and control sharing
  • Allows real-time conferencing across the globe
  • Eliminates the need for business travel, and associated expenses, while increasing creativity/productivity through interaction

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