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From back office networks, supply chain distribution management, warehousing, and consumer outlets, technology-driven retail business models have evolved markedly over the past decade. As with many industries, focus has shifted to enhanced, personalized consumer experiences. To create, develop, and maintain that journey, retailers recognize that only the latest technological advances will allow their businesses to grow, to gain and maintain a competitive advantage. At the same time, a watchful eye must be kept on reducing operating costs. The option to develop a strong, effective in-house IT infrastructure may just not be a viable option for many firms. That’s where a partnership with Converged Technology Group for retail IT support is the ideal solution to improve consumer satisfaction while stimulating increased revenue.

Creating a secure network is not just important for data storage, but also for its integrity, and consumers’ perception of your brand. A recent survey found that over 85% of consumers indicated that a retailer’s network security influences their buying decisions. That means if your customers trust that their financial data is safe from hackers, they will continue to buy from your retail outlet, whether online or at a brick and mortar location. The Converged Technology Group team offers comprehensive retail IT services to our clients. Our Assist360° Essential Security provides cybersecurity measures that include advanced network segmentation, enhanced endpoint protection, patch management, and full regulatory compliance. In the event of a breach, Converged Technology Group’s Managed Detection and Response Services (MDR) can move swiftly to minimize any impacts, including data and asset losses.

To improve the customer experience, retailers need to harvest data to fully understand consumers’ current and future requirements. At Converged Technology Group, we know that to gain market share, retailers must have access to and leverage a broad spectrum of consumer-related data. Allow our team to assess your needs and to provide the ideal ‘next gen’ solution to encompass your data and network infrastructure, as well as its integrity requirements. From Enterprise Networking, Cloud Collaboration, Data Center/Cloud-centric solutions, and state-of-the-art Network Security.

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