Microsoft Azure Cloud Readiness Assessment for NYC Businesses

Cloud migration can be a large and complex project for businesses of any size, and preparation is key to simplifying project complexities and driving success. Converged Technology Group is here to help your NYC organization plan for a successful move to the cloud.

Is Your Company Ready to Move to the Cloud?

There are many critical business aspects your organization needs to consider as you prepare for migration. A few of these areas include your organization’s:

  • People
  • Digital transformation goals
  • Governance strategies
  • Existing platforms and workloads
  • Security requirements
  • Operational needs

Our Cloud Readiness Assessment can evaluate these aspects to ensure your business is ready for migration.

Digital cloud migration.

Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

Our Cloud Readiness Assessment helps New York City and Long Island businesses take advantage of all the benefits of the cloud, including:

  • Streamlined scalability: The cloud makes it easy to adapt and expand your business.
  • Greater cost savings: Reducing hardware requirements results in more financial savings for your organization.
  • Enhanced data access: Your teams can access data from anywhere at any time, enabling remote work, smoother workflows and better collaboration.
  • Stronger security: The cloud’s secure environment makes protecting data and other assets easier.
  • Improved accuracy: All of your data is accurate, up to date and secure with conveniences such as auto-syncing and easy backups.

How Does the Cloud Readiness Assessment for Microsoft Azure Work?

Our Azure Cloud Readiness Assessment prepares organizations to migrate with success. We can help your organization develop a strategic plan and make informed decisions about your migration.

Our approach to Azure cloud migration follows three key phases:


Our experts will gain a thorough understanding of your business goals, technical requirements, existing data center environment and other needs to develop a tailored cloud blueprint. 


We will analyze your applications, workloads and infrastructure based on your business objectives, including security requirements, networking needs, performance goals, end user access and estimated cloud costs.


With migration preparation, strategy and planning in place, we will deliver a detailed and tailored cloud architecture blueprint to help you begin a successful migration.



Why Choose Converged Technology Group?

When you partner with Converged Technology Group, you can depend on our dedication to your organization’s success. We deliver business-driven technology solutions focused on improving IT performance, minimizing disruptions and maximizing your ROI. As your first step on the journey to the cloud, our cloud readiness assessment can help your business meet requirements and achieve the best results.

Cloud Readiness Assessment for Microsoft Azure

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