Benefits of a Microsoft Azure Cloud Readiness Assessment of Your IT Infrastructure

Executive management at most small to mid-size businesses recognize the need to move their applications and data to the Cloud, both to remain competitive and to achieve ‘next level’ status in their field. Before migrating, however, the question remains, what is the best way to accomplish this with minimal impact on your business operations and continuity? That is where Converged Technology Group’s Microsoft Azure Cloud readiness assessment can be vital to examine your apps and data to gain a full understanding of what is needed to ensure a seamless migration to the Cloud. It essentially determines your business’ Cloud readiness, so any shortfalls can be remediated prior to the move for minimal or no negative impacts.

At the start, it is imperative to know why you want your applications and data to be moved to the Cloud. Following the herd ‘because everyone is doing it’ is simply not just cause. The most common reasons for the migration include:

  • Lower overhead costs for data centers.
  • Increased scalability.
  • Improved failover capabilities and resiliency.
  • Ability to increase collaboration for remote workers.

Other considerations include exactly what should be moved to the Cloud and what should not. Fortunately, Converged Technology Group offers our successful No Cost, No Obligation Microsoft Azure Cloud Readiness Assessment to businesses in the Tri-State Region. Converged Technology Group’s experienced team will provide a comprehensive Microsoft Azure Cloud Readiness Assessment.

The aim for this assessment is to focus on the migration’s impact to users, applications, data, as well as the IT infrastructure to facilitate your business’ Cloud migration journey. We look for any and all migration blockers as well as the all-up initiatives involved in migrating to Microsoft Azure. Therefore, the primary goal of Converged Technology Group’s Microsoft Azure Cloud Readiness Assessment service is to provide your business with a Cloud Readiness gap-analysis that is unique to your organization’s needs. Additionally, we will provide a list of applications can be moved to the Cloud seamlessly, as determined by our prescriptive cloud application assessment process. When complete, our analysis will leave no doubt as to which business applications and data can be migrated to the cloud smoothly. Our comprehensive Microsoft Azure Cloud Readiness Assessment is the optimal way for every business to bring about an issue-free Microsoft Azure Cloud migration.

We invite you to learn more by contacting Converged Technology Group to schedule your Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration Readiness Assessment consultation.

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