Benefits of IT Consulting Services for Businesses

Today’s businesses are technology-driven. That statement is not news yet surprisingly many small to midsize companies may be running their enterprises using outdated technologies which reduce their competitive edge as well as send an open invitation to cyber attackers. Gaining and maintaining market share in ever-increasingly competitive industries requires an affordable technology solution to support your business goals. That solution is to partner with Converged Technology Group for IT consulting services. As a recognized managed IT services provider, the Converged team has assisted hundreds of businesses in the New York Tri-State and beyond. Your goals are our goals, to help your business to save on operational costs and to assist you to build a solid and successful business future.

Our IT consulting services go way beyond assisting your in-house IT staff or business decision-makers to select software, peripherals, devices, or services to enhance your daily operations and increase productivity. Converged Technology Group can additionally advise as to the suitability of any proposed purchase relative to your stated business needs. In short, we help you to make technology decisions on new or upgraded technology that will render optimal results for your company. Dedicated to building solid, profitable, and long-term relationships with each and every client, we additionally offer IT services that reap the following benefits:

  • Right-Focused Productivity: It compromises staff when they are asked to turn their focus away from their area of expertise and to take on unfamiliar responsibilities. This not only dilutes their potency and efficacy but using the square peg/round hole concept, just because they work in an aspect of the technology sector, does not mean they can be a quick study and advise on the best opportunities to grow your enterprise. Inexperience can lead to costly mistakes. Instead, we offer Converged Technology Co-Managed IT Support services. You/your team focus on your daily operations while your Converged Technology Group consultant turns their attention to developing your IT management strategy, risk management, problem-solving initiatives, in short, the technologies your business requires to continue its upward trajectory. If you are looking to develop or upgrade your present IT strategy, need direction and advice, or maybe just a second opinion before investing in emerging technologies, then it’s time to learn more about Converged Technology Group’s IT consulting services!
  • Cost vs Value: Even if your business has a full-time IT staff, their primary focus is likely to be maintaining existing equipment to avoid downtime. Their strengths are in providing quick fixes for devices, replacing peripherals as needed, and installing software updates and upgrades. Managing the full scope of technologies to run your business including its networks is not usually possible given a business’ size and budgetary limitations. By partnering with Converged Technology Group, we can assess your IT requirements in line with your business expectations, then tailor a customized program that meets your current and future technology needs within your budget. Our forecast brings a level of predictability to your overall technology outlook, and we’ll even assist with its implementation.
  • Cybersecurity: Do not think that because your firm is small to mid-sized that it is flying under hackers’ radar. Quite the opposite. Cybercriminals love easy pickings and a firm without the latest state-of-the-art cybersecurity in place is a sitting duck. If you already have an older web security solution, know that Converged Technology Group’s Cloud-based Managed Web Security service, will integrate fully with your existing security stacks to relay live threat intelligence on recurrent and emerging threats. Recent statistics compiled by Fundera state that after their networks have been breached, the average cost for small businesses to restore ‘normalcy’ is $955, 429. Here are a couple more metrics from Fundera- over 43% of cyberattacks target small companies and 50% of small to mid-sized firms reported suffering at least one cyberattack in the past year. Not to worry, help is on the way. As part of your customized IT consulting services, Converged Technology Group offers continuous network monitoring in our Assist360° Essential Security Bundle and Managed Detection and Response Services (MDR). To start, we will perform a network assessment to uncover and identify potential vulnerabilities. Then we’ll advise and implement the best cybersecurity protection and protocols as well as maintenance to protect your business against malware, online threats, and cyberattacks. These services will provide optimal business asset protection and data security.

It cannot be overstated, that the chief benefit of IT consulting services is personalized advice and guidance by leading industry experts. Our team takes the time to understand you and your business and will tailor a program that will resolve the issues that scuttle many small to mid-sized businesses, whose focus is on their industry competition, not a network security breach. Yet there is more to consider.

Cost-effectiveness, improved staff deployment, increased productivity, and enhanced cybersecurity are all benefits consistent with a Converged Technology Group partnership. To learn more about how our IT consulting services can benefit your firm, call us today at (631) 468-5770.

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