Benefits of Local IT Support

Most business owners understand the need to outsource their IT services, but many are not aware of all the advantages of partnering with a local firm for their company’s IT support. Long Island and the greater New York area are home to thousands of companies in a wide range of industries. It is a simple fact that a local IT firm is well-positioned to understand the needs of other local businesses. Why consider an out-of-area provider, when in the competitive New York marketplace, there are numerous professional IT support businesses available? In this posting, Converged Technology Group, a leading IT firm based on Long Island, will present the benefits of having a local company provide your IT support. Here are but a few of the many advantages:


As your local IT support partner, Converged Technology Group’s professionals will take the time to meet with you, to learn about your business, your goals, and then craft a flexible solution to meet both your business’ needs and your budget. This can decrease overhead and operations costs as a local third party vendor is not a full-time salaried employee requiring benefits. This way, you pay only for the IT services your business requires when you need them. Another benefit of partnering with a local firm is our availability. At Converged Technology Group we are accessible by, and available for our clients 24/7/365, nights, weekends, and holidays included. 

Disaster Recovery and Extended Downtime Avoidance

Many enterprises have been severely impacted by a security breach. Not only are there concerns as to what data has been compromised, but also fines levied from state and governmental regulatory agencies if the breach is found to be due to non-compliance. Facing downtime, a loss of productivity, revenue, and depending on the industry, the real possibility of being fined, you’ll need the solid professional support that Converged Technology Group delivers for each of our clients. Should a breach occur, we’ll respond immediately to minimize impacts and mitigate further risk.

Cost-Effective Technology Planning

As your business achieves its goals, sustaining that growth includes hiring more staff, purchasing additional hardware, and licensing more software. Without guidance, it is all too easy for those with a stake in the business to over – or underspend, or worse, purchase the wrong tools altogether. Converged Technology Group’s IT support for Long Island and Manhattan-based businesses is based on our understanding of your business, and what technology it requires to succeed. We’ll advise you so that your spending is needs-based, and offer on-site hardware installations and either onsite or remote software installation by our highly experienced professionals. This way you will always have the tools you require, and the support and maintenance your company needs.   

There are many more reasons why Converged Technology Group’s ongoing IT support for Long Island and New York TriState companies is the right choice for your business. We invite you to bring us your questions, concerns, requirements, and budget. Together, we can forge a successful business partnership that enables your company to continue to grow and to compete effectively. Schedule a confidential consultation with our team today! 

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