Choosing Managed IT Services for your Long Island Business

person holding ipad in front of serversLong Island business owners know that the New York TriState is one of the most competitive commercial regions in the country. Also, that every enterprise owes its success to being fully operational and productive and focused on its core values to achieve its goals. That means trusting their IT services to a provider who can be vigilant, experienced, and reliable 24/7/365. Converged Technology Group, relied upon by local businesses of all sizes and in many industries, offers these essential tips for selecting the Managed IT services provider on Long Island that will be a ‘right fit’ for your company both now and well into the future. 

  • Availability: as stated above, your Managed IT services provider on Long Island must be available at all times to ensure optimal network performance and zero downtime.
  • Fast Service and Response Time: Many IT providers take the night off and do not have any staff actually monitoring your system around the clock. That means your emergency calls go first to a call center answering service who have no IT background, they just take messages. This can lead to major productivity loss, especially as messages are likely to be inaccurate, misleading, and can extend downtime. Instead, partner with a team that is on the case every minute of the day: Converged Technology Group.
  • Annual IT Budget Planning: Managed IT services for Long Island businesses cannot be ‘on a wing and a prayer budgeting’. Every detail needs to be considered when arriving at a solution that resolves your business’ technology requirements while keeping a sharp eye on your budget. Our team is in it for the long haul. We want to assist you to plan for your future and play a role in helping you achieve it via improved network reliability.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning: Do not be afraid to ask for a Doomsday scenario. “What will your company do in the event that our network/system/emails, etc. are hacked?” Besides cybercrime, what steps will your IT partner take in the event of damage or loss from a natural disaster? Knowing beforehand what steps will be taken can resolve any potential issues later. Disasters such as hurricanes, floods, ransomware attacks, and more can cause protracted downtime and even catastrophic data loss. It is imperative for your business to partner with a reputable firm for your Managed IT Services on Long Island. As your local provider, Converged Technology understands your need for business continuity. We’ll support and complement your existing disaster recovery plan, and partner with you to test and troubleshoot your existing plan.
  • Third-Party Vendor Partnerships: Who are their industry associates and who do they recommend? Making the right connections via a trusted IT Management company ensures complete support.

  • Local On-Site Maintenance and Support: It’s a fact – the best support is provided by a proactive local firm that can deploy staff for immediate on-site assistance as required. As your Managed IT services for Long Island businesses provider, Converged Technology Group will be on-site immediately as needed. 
  • Daily Backups and Cloud Services: For peace of mind and data safety, ensure that your provider offers automatic and consistent backups, backed up on a remote server for safety.
  • Security Testing & Monitoring: We mentioned cyber crime earlier. Converged Technology Group’s Managed IT services for Long Island businesses include regular security testing and monitoring for attacks.
  • Employee Support: Does your staff need technology training? As your Managed IT services provider on Long Island, the Converged team is available to provide fast answers to technology questions and remote access to resolve every issue quickly.
  • Proactive Maintenance: Some IT service providers only fix tech issues when they occur. Instead, you can rely on Converged Technology to proactively run updates now to prevent future tech issues.
  • Industry-level Experience & Skills: The Converged team offers a variety of certifications and knowledge related to specific vendors and solution competencies. We have expansive core competencies, qualifications, and experience in managing many technological environments. We already support technological environments that are similar to your business.
  • Scalability: Avoid the ‘one-trick pony’ or you’ll never grow. Make certain that the Managed IT firm you choose offers scalable services, allowing you to easily add additional resources as needed. Your business objective is to see steady growth. Do not be hampered by a firm that can only meet today’s needs.

  • The Bottom Line: Converged Technology Group offers improved efficiency, time savings, and saving money by preventing problems, or avoiding costly repairs. Our team’s goal in providing your Managed IT services on Long Island, is to bring additional value to your business and improve your ROI. 

We also provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are dissatisfied with ANY SERVICE for ANY REASON during the first 90 days, call and let us know. We will work to resolve the issue or address the concern at NO additional charge to your organization. If there is no resolution within 30 days, you can cancel the agreement, with no additional questions asked.

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