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Managed Services Partner Invites HR Executives to NYC Event to Learn how Collaboration Tools Can Help Recruit, Develop and Retain Talent

ISLANDIA, NY, September 24, 2015 – The greatest asset organizations have today is their people. Companies that have studied ways to drive better business results are realizing the importance of communication and the interrelationship between their workers and the mobile, flexible workplace of the future. As a result, they are embracing an array of collaboration tools to recruit, develop and retain their employees enabling them to do their jobs in the most effective, most productive ways possible. According to Converged Technology Group (, an award-winning Managed Services Partner (MSP) serving clients throughout the Northeast, those CEOs seeking better return on their companies’ human capital investments would be wise to pair their human resources (HR) professionals with their IT departments to create the workplace of tomorrow and deliver meaningful competitive advantages for the organization in the process.

““In HR, ‘recruit, develop and retain’ is the mantra,” says Leo E. Galletta, President and CEO, Converged Technology Group. “With the convergence of Gen X and Y employees and their Baby Boomer counterparts, human resources professionals are looking for new ways to fulfill that recruit-develop-retain mission, leading chief HR officers to forge new relationships with the CIO and IT department inside their organizations. They’ve realized that technology offers much more than computing capabilities; it enables the freedom to build a culture of a more mobile, collaborative, connected workplace that helps them attract and retain top talent from around the world. Collaboration – and the tools that enable it – are a means to drive productivity, and that ultimately translates to increased profitability and a better return on investment for the business.”

An Exclusive Event for HR Executives: The Intersection of HR and IT

To help HR executives explore the ways in which advanced collaboration tools – including things like video conferencing – can aid them in interviewing, hiring, onboarding, enabling and retaining top talent, Converged Technology Group will co-host an event, together with its collaboration partner Cisco Systems, on Thursday, October 8th, in New York City. The event’s featured speaker will be Cassandra Frangos, Ed.D, Vice President, Global Executive Talent and Organizational Design at Cisco. During the event, HR leaders will learn how to more effectively inspire and empower new employees, enable and retain next-generation workers, and influence collaborative technology adoption within their organizations. For more information, contact Converged Technology Group at 631-468-5728.

An Unexpected Workforce:
By 2025, experts estimate millennials will account for as much as 75 percent of the global workforce. But perhaps an even more important and surprising estimate is the number of Baby Boomers who will continue to comprise a significant portion of the workforce well into 2020 and beyond. These Baby Boomers were expected to retire earlier, but financial setbacks experienced during the recession are causing many to remain on the job longer than anticipated. This means, in the coming years, HR professionals will be tasked with managing a very diverse set of workers with an array of expectations about how, when and where work takes place. These expectations are bonding HR and IT leaders together as they leverage technology to tackle four important business challenges:

    •  Reduced costs in recruitment: As the C-suite demands increased ROI from corporate human capital, HR will be expected to attract and engage the best employees for the job regardless of where on the planet those employees currently reside, a task which requires a new way of thinking for HR in terms of recruiting, interviewing and even hiring. Using video conferencing, companies can save impressive amounts of time and money by interviewing candidates remotely, and even hiring them without an in-person interview, something six out of 10 HR pros say they would be willing to do*.
    •  More effective employee onboarding: The faster new employees are brought up to speed, the sooner they become both confident and productive. To gain the information they need to do their jobs, they need to meet with key stakeholders throughout the organization; when face-to-face meetings aren’t possible, video collaboration reduces their time to contribution and provides a faster return on investment for the organization as whole.
    •  Management of multigenerational expectations: In a workforce dominated by tech-savvy millennials, yet peppered with top-producing, more traditional Baby Boomers, HR will be challenged to create an environment that enables multigenerational employees to work in the ways they find most productive and comfortable – whether that’s in the office or out, on desktops or mobile devices, in person or remote. Technology, and specifically, the right BYOD and collaboration toolkit, can help them bridge that gap.
    •  Reduced attrition rates: In a connected organization where people interact regularly via a variety of collaborative devices, employees feel more engaged and more satisfied with their jobs. This means fewer losses of that human capital to competitors with more tech-friendly, more flexible workplace cultures. And because there’s a cost to finding, hiring and onboarding new employees, ultimately, a lowered attrition rate also means increased productivity and ROI for the business.

*Cisco Connected World Technology Report (2014)

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