Converged Technology Group to CIOs, CISOs: Today’s Advanced Cybersecurity Threats Require a Holistic, Multi-Layered Response

Managed Services Partner to Host Three-Part Educational Series Detailing and Demonstrating Next-Generation Firewall and IPS, Web and Email Security, and Policy and Access Control

NEW YORK, March 2, 2017 – How do you secure your network against global threats, devised by top IT minds, and delivered through even the most innocuous of Internet of Things devices or innocent-looking ads and emails? Securing today’s corporate network requires a new way of thinking. With 44 percent of security alerts being ignored and an average of 200 days to detect a breach after it occurs1, Converged Technology Group (, an award-winning Managed Services Partner (MSP) serving clients throughout the Northeast for more than a decade, says today’s response to advanced security threats must be both holistic and multi-layered. The solution provider will detail this multi-layered approach to cybersecurity in a series of New York City-based seminars. CIOs, CISOs and other IT professionals are encouraged to register for these informative events by contacting Converged Technology Group at 631-468-5728 or

“Based on today’s modern threat landscape and advanced persistent threats, a single security technology is no longer adequate to protect an organization’s business-critical information,” says Leo E. Galletta, President and CEO, Converged Technology Group. “That’s why we’re hosting a series of events to introduce IT security professionals to the kind of strategy and integrated security technologies that will help them more effectively manage and mitigate their organization’s risk.

Cybersecurity: A Layered Approach To help CIOs, CISOs and other IT professionals make the most informed decisions and select the most effective investments to improve their security posture in today’s sophisticated cyber-threat landscape, Converged Technology Group, in partnership with Cisco, is hosting a series of three events that illustrate an effective multi-layered cyber defense strategy. During these live events, to be held in New York City, attendees will learn about next-generation firewalls and intrusion prevention systems (IPS), web and email security, and policy and access control.

  • Next-Generation Firewall and IPS: March 9th from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
    In this informational session, security experts from both Converged Technology Group and Cisco will explore the advantages of employing an adaptive, threat-focused network gateway appliance as a next-generation firewall capable of integrating multiple advanced security and intrusion prevention technologies to thwart malware and other threats that can compromise an organization’s network. With the ability to identify and locate potential threats in an extended network, a next-generation firewall can help cybersecurity professionals implement policies and controls to defend against advanced threats that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. With an in-depth informational session and live demonstration, security pros will be armed with the knowledge they need to plan an effective strategy and select the right solutions for their needs.
  • Web and Email Security: March 22nd from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m..
    Two of the most common ways cybercriminals gain access to corporate computing environments are through malicious websites and infected email. This informational session will focus on the latest technologies IT pros can employ to identify and stop threats that hide in plain sight disguised as pop-up ads on trustworthy websites or delivered via seemingly innocuous emails. With the right security tools in place, IT pros can block traffic to and from malicious destinations before a connection is ever established and before the threat reaches the corporate network or any of its endpoints. Using advanced threat intelligence, a cloud security platform can help protect against everything from ransomware to phishing. In this session, top IT security experts will explore and demonstrate popular solutions like Cisco Web Security Appliance and Cisco Umbrella.
  • Policy and Access Control: April 7th from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m..
    Ultimately, any discussion about policy and access control focuses on rapid threat containment, mitigating the risk associated with a device that doesn’t meet the organization’s access and security protocols and preventing that device from introducing malware from behind the firewall. By identifying devices that attempt to connect to the network via wired or wireless connections and ensuring they meet specific requirements before they are allowed to connect, IT professionals will be able to apply automated policies that allow each device to access only those applications and data sets it is intended to access. The ability to accomplish this relies on gaining awareness of everything connecting to your network, something solutions like Cisco’s Identity Services Engine deliver. With this phase of a multi-layered cybersecurity strategy, CIOs, CISOs and other IT professionals will be able to use their networks to enforce the organization’s security protocols, thwarting attacks before they happen and accelerating the time to detection when a breach does occur. Following this informational session, Converged Technology Group and Cisco security experts will deliver a live demonstration and answer questions from attendees about complex access management issues. 

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1 Cisco “Never Better” Security Overview. 

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