Converged Technology Group to CIOs: The Way Your Business Communicates is About to Change

Managed Services Partner Outlines Advancements in Cloud-Based Collaboration Solutions,Suggests CIOs Consult an Experienced Partner to Plan their Strategies Now

NEW YORK, March 15,2016 – Today’s on-the-go businesspeople need to message, meet, and call colleagues, partners and clients no matter where those people are in the world, and no matter what device they are using to communicate. To enable this, communication technologies are becoming more intuitive. They are meeting an increasing demand for productivity and providing a team-based collaborative experience. According to Converged Technology Group (, an award-winning Managed Services Partner (MSP) serving clients throughout the Northeast, as new cloud-based solutions emerge, the way businesses communicate is poised to take another giant leap forward, but CIOs don’t have to go it alone.

“Enterprise CIOs are coming to the realization that, while they do have to provide advanced technologies to their organization, they don’t have to develop and manage that entire infrastructure themselves,” says Leo E. Galletta, President and CEO, Converged Technology Group. “They are now considering options of either cloud-based or hybrid communications solutions to take the next innovative step beyond hosted voice and gain cost-effective access to significantly expanded team-based collaboration services.

As organizations work to enable communication across disparate teams, hosted voice alone is no longer the end game, but a step in the right direction. Coming soon are options that will allow CIOs to move their voice, video and web-based conferencing, instant messaging and content sharing to the cloud. Corporate users will enjoy true persistence from one device to another with instant messaging and live meetings available at the click of a button. Because companies will be able to take advantage of these services in the cloud, communicating across an array of devices with any user, anytime will become simpler than ever before. As a result, the entire experience of communicating and collaborating on team projects will become more meaningful.

As new cloud-based consumption models take the enterprise stage – including as-a-service, hybrid cloud and others – organizations will want to consider if they should invest in internal expertise to manage these services or have an experienced managed services partner oversee that on their behalf. If they haven’t already, Converged Technology Group suggests CIOs map their cloud strategy and begin to make important decisions today about the role as-a-service and hybrid cloud solutions will play in their corporate communications and collaboration offerings as well as their IT department’s overall evolution.

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Navigating these changes can be complex. To help IT pros explore these new communications and collaboration options, Converged Technology Group will host a live event in New York City and Islandia, New York, in April; for information on these and other events, visit the company’s website at

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