Cybersecurity Benefits of Managed Email Security

Managed Email Security

To begin, let’s agree on a few simple facts. 

One: Your business’ success depends on your technology being fully operational 24/7/265. This means your staff must be productive every day all day.

Two: Cybercriminals exist because they have the ability to evolve. And this means that your cybersecurity initiatives must be continuous – not a ‘one and done’ circumstance.

Three:  Today, especially with a greater percentage of remote workers and telecommuters, companies rely on email communications to stay connected. Email is often the easiest route for cybercriminals to access any business’ network. 

Four: Most companies do not have the resources for an in-house, dedicated cybersecurity team to secure, and vigiliantly maintain their networks including email servers, databases, as well as their staffers’ individual desktops and mobile devices.

Five: No company can afford to have their technology systems compromised by cyber bandits.

The solution is to contact Converged Technology Group, a leading managed IT firm, to learn more about the benefits of our Managed Email Security Services, specifically, our Assist360° Essential Security Bundle. Here’s a few reasons why:

Gone are the days when the most serious email threat was spam. Verizon recently released its Data Breach Report which states that 90% of data breaches begin as malicious emails. This is the way that cyberhackers distribute phishing attacks and malware such as ransomware. Clever cybercriminals can discover and exploit security gaps within email platforms to exploit users with these deceptive practices. Professional Managed Email Security providers, however, stay on top of trending email security risks and swiftly deploy solutions to safeguard their clients’ email servers, and more broadly, their businesses.

Cybercriminals use email as the gateway to attack a company’s livelihood. Few understand that their email channels offer easy access, therefore a major threat. This means that an efficient cybersecurity plan must offer a multi-layered Managed Email Security solution, one that protects an enterprise beyond an email system breach, to additionally safeguard the company’s reputation in the event that their client data is destroyed or leaked on the dark web.   

To provide vigilant online security, Converged Technology Group endorses our Assist360° Essential Security Bundle. This package includes as your network’s first line of defense, Converged cloud-based Managed Web Security, protects against internet threats wherever your staff accesses your network to block threats before they reach your network or endpoints.

Another vital Assist360° component, a Managed Firewall prevents system hacks by filtering and potentially blocking suspicious activity be it internal or external. Additionally, we offer our comprehensive Managed Endpoint Protection to secure all entry and endpoints for every device your staff utilizes to protect not only your sensitive business data but your clients’ as well. Last but hardly least, Converged Technology Group offers our Managed Email Security component, as stated above, adds multiple layers of protection to safeguard your sensitive data and information (and your clients’) against phishing, malware, and ransomware breaches. 

For the network security solutions your business requires to thrive, we invite you to schedule a confidential consultation to discuss Converged Technology Group’s Managed Detection and Response Services (MDR) solutions today.

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