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3d graphics coming out of computerWhen you are looking for the ideal enterprise network solutions for your New York area-based business, there are many considerations. It is generally understood that enterprise solutions are designed to integrate every facet of your company’s business through information interchanges from its multiple departments and their related databases. The optimal solution will enable your company to retrieve and disseminate vital data throughout the organization, while providing management and stake-owners with real-time operating information. What types of enterprise network solutions are available, and which are right for your company?  As leading enterprise network consultants in the TriState area, Converged Technology Group offers these considerations to review with every prospect:


  1. What Type of Enterprise Solution Will They Offer? Whether the options are an off-the-shelf solution or a platform where applications can be customized, it is important to partner with a vendor who has a range of experience with each to support your company as it levels up, and its needs become more demanding. Another solid plus: if your vendor is experienced with clients in your specific industry.
  2. Process Automation: Does your prospect offer enterprise network solutions that include a workflow-centric approach? What about network security? A dynamic model that offers your business to add capabilities and components as needed is clearly better than one that is static. Scalable processes that adapt to meet your changing operational requirements is an imperative. 
  3. System Architecture: The best system for your business will be flexible and designed for rapid deployment. For example, does their suggested system architecture showcase the latest technology, such as a Software as a Service (SAAS)-based means of delivering applications and updates over the internet? This way instead of installing and maintaining software it can be readily accessed via downloads, to free your staff and in-house IT department from tedious and time-consuming software and hardware management. 

The goal of the best enterprise network solution strategy for your business will combine multi-service applications for voice, video and data all on a single enterprise network infrastructure. This will not only increase productivity, but can additionally provide substantial savings to give your business an edge over your competitors. Allow the enterprise networking consultants at Converged Technology Group to enable your business to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by an advanced enterprise-level network. This solution will supplement, support, and optimize your existing network investment. Moreover, inclusion of the latest technologies that further power your business towards achieving its goals.

Converged Technology Group offers a lifecycle services approach to our enterprise network solutions. That is, we design, implement, operate and optimize LAN, WAN, wireless LAN, SD-WAN and security solutions that are both highly scalable and completely flexible to meet and adjust to your company’s growth-oriented needs.

Our enterprise networking consultants will provide the expertise and experience that allows us to capably assist you to identify and select your best option from the range of enterprise network solutions we offer. Your selection will not only meet your business’ current needs, but will provide continuous and dependable utility for the next decade. With our expansive understanding of numerous computer networking technologies, Converged Technology Group’s network experts can help you find the right solution at the highest ROI. Schedule a consultation to discuss the options available and which are right for your business’ needs. These enterprise network solution services include:

  • LAN and Wireless LAN
  • WAN and SD-WAN
  • Zero-Trust and Intent-Based Networking

It is a given that your company’s computer network comprises the backbone of your business, not just today, but tomorrow and well into the foreseeable future. Speak with the Converged Technology Group team to learn how our expertise and commitment to assisting your business can introduce your firm to the next generation of security and cost-effective operational function. 

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