How Businesses Can Benefit from Managed IT Services on Long Island

No business owner or decision maker would argue that the performance of their technology, networks and data drive their enterprise. So it is imperative that these systems are up and running 24/7/365 to achieve optimal productivity, security, and profitability. For decades, many businesses have relied on in-house IT departments to perform these duties. Over the past decade, however, it has become more difficult for internal staff to keep pace with technological advances and the increased responsibility that cybercriminals present. To meet these needs across a wide range of industries, Managed IT Services have evolved. In this posting, Converged Technology Group will detail how our managed services on Long Island can benefit your business.

  1. 24/7/365 Support: Cybercriminals pose a constant to network security. As part of our Managed Services from our Long Island headquarters, Converged Technology Group’s Assist360° Essential Security Bundle and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) initiative provides our clients’ companies with updated security standards to protect against hacking and potential data losses. Additionally, this service offers superior Cyberattack Prevention by monitoring all systems for potential security threats before they become malicious attacks. In the event of a security incident, as your Managed Services Provider, Converged Technology Group’s IT professionals will assess the challenge and mitigate it immediately to minimize its impact on your systems and your business.
  2. Utilizes the Latest Technology: It is difficult to provide an in-house IT unit with all the equipment upgrades and new software required to keep pace with increasing needs. It is also difficult for laymen to determine which upgrades are best for a given industry. There is simply no point in taking a shot in the dark by investing in a new network infrastructure that either proves to be a wrong choice or requires extensive training by your existing staff to operate. With Converged Technology Group providing your managed services on Long Island, your systems will never become obsolete.
  3. Data Compliance: Every business holder has a stake in growing their enterprise. Cybercrime is not the only risk, however. Non-compliance with government mandates, privacy laws, and additional regulations can negatively impact your customers, therefore your business, and your profitability. The solution is to have Converged Technology Group as your MSP for your IT Services. Our team can assist your business to mitigate some of these risks to protect your assets by understanding your industry’s requirements and ensuring that your business meets them.
  4. Core Business Focused Business Management and In-House IT Services: Partnering with Converged Technology Group as your Manage Service Provider (MSP) frees your executives to turn their attention to running your enterprise, and your internal IT staff to their appointed tasks. Our partnership ensures that each division receives our full support to enable your business to continue to grow and thrive.

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