How to Maximize Your Managed IT Services Resource

Competition in nearly every industry is intense, requiring core business strategists to focus solely on moving their businesses forward. Everyone wants to level up and needs to remain competitive. However, just about every business relies heavily on its technology for future development. The pace at which technology advances is swift and for many firms, even those with in-house IT departments, keeping up is both overwhelming and also can be overwhelmingly expensive. For companies in the New York TriState, however, the solution for many has been to partner with providers of Managed IT Services on Long Island, such as Converged Technology Group.

It is important to understand that every business requiring web-based, remote technical services to fulfill their end-user systems and to support their proprietary IT infrastructure will benefit from Converged Technology Group’s help desk, Managed IT, and/or Co-Managed IT services. Take, for example, our Assist360° Fully Managed Service. This IT Service Management helpdesk includes:

  • 24×7 Remote Monitoring & Alerting
  • 24×7 Service Desk
  • Managed Endpoint Protection
  • Managed Patch Management

What does this mean? It ensures that your business will experience minimal disruption of services and maximum productivity. 

The team at Converged can take on your company’s IT issues to the extent that the company requires. We can additionally co-manage your IT solution with your existing IT staff. So if assistance is required to support your network, cloud, desktop support, or security, our professionals have the expertise to resolve and maintain any IT issues in tandem with your existing staff or entirely on our own. As for supporting your existing IT department, all that may be requested is supplemental training so that your in-house team has the expertise needed to maintain your technology environment. When flexibility is a requisite to managing your company’s technology assets, the best solution for your local business is to partner with a company that offers Managed IT Services on Long Island – Converged Technology Group.   

It’s advisable to know your needs before you engage any Managed IT Services provider (MSP), and to look for a company that understands your business fully as well as its trajectory. Ask your in-house IT staff what they require from an MSP. It’s best at this juncture to work out what the long-term IT goals are, as the days of break/fix IT are long gone. A long-term plan is essential to future business success as it anticipates and plans for future upgrades since technology requirements drive your business’ success. In short, it is IT that operates any business to ensure it remains both competitive and solvent. For example, partnering with Converged Technology Group for your Managed IT Services on Long Island ensures that the latest software and system upgrades will be made available to your business, without bearing the exorbitant cost of ownership. This reduces overhead and operations costs at the same time, allowing your business to keep pace with its peers, to stay both on track and on budget. 

Many business owners come to us with questions about establishing a solid data backup and disaster recovery strategy. Not only is there a continual threat from hackers around the globe, but also from Mother Nature herself, as evidenced by recent severe storms and deluges in our TriState region. It is a fact that threats take many forms from viruses, hackers, human error, equipment failure, and as mentioned above, the weather. By outsourcing your Managed IT Services on Long Island through Converged Technology Group, your data can be optimally secured, along with a feasible data backup plan. We will not only implement this strategy but also test the backup procedure and even perform a practice restoration. It is important to realize, however, that your data can be at risk regardless of how encrypted the files are, or how “safe” its storage is. Remember, those who fail to plan, plan to fail! Instead, allow Converged Technology Group’s associates to assist you in creating a successful strategy that will work for your business. 

There are more important aspects to partnering with a dependable MSP. When your IT system is maintained by Converged Technology Group, the results include these important factors:

  • Customized solutions and service availability 24/7/365, nights, weekends, and holidays. 
  • You’ll experience lower application hosting costs and, therefore lower operations expenses.
  • Reduced maintenance and staffing costs.
  • Management can focus on core business objectives, including company development.

Learn more about the advantages of establishing a partnership with Converged Technology Group for our Managed IT Services on Long Island can offer your business. Call today!

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