Keeping your NYC Business Safe with Network Security Solutions

lock icon displayed on computer monitorsToo many NYC businesses are unaware of the daily threat of cybercrime, falsely believing that only industry giants and global enterprises are targeted by hackers. Actually, the reverse is true, It is far easier to mount an attack against a business that is ill-prepared for it. Major businesses have invested considerable budgets toward network security solutions to monitor their networks and data to safeguard against cybercrime. In fact, a recent study among small to mid-size firms reveals that almost 45% of the businesses that were surveyed had sustained an attack in the past year. These attacks took the form of:

  • Phishing: About 25% of these attacks were phishing, cybercrimes where someone pretends to be an authority who has gained the user’s trust. Their goal is to obtain personal information such as passwords or credit card numbers. These attacks may even target specific staffers, not always an executive or manager, but someone with access to such employee information as an HR staffer, for example. Targeted attack attempts are called ‘spear phishing attacks’. What is disturbing is that the success rate of these expeditions grows higher and higher every year.  
  • Data breach: Roughly 20% of cybercrime reported by those surveyed was noted as a data breach. For these successful attacks, a company’s private or confidential information and data are obtained by an unauthorized third party gaining unlawful access.  A data breach occurs when your business’s private or confidential data is accessed by an unauthorized party.
  • Malware attack: Over 15% of those surveyed reported malware attacks, which are executed by malicious software designed to infiltrate the targeted network.
  • Denial of service (DoS) attack: About 15% reported DoS attacks, which are specifically intended to destroy a business’ network by unleashing a flood of malicious traffic to inundate the system.
  • Ransomware attack: Over 10% of these reported attacks have been attributed to ransomware. This procedure is sophisticated and vicious, On the dark web, there are operatives who freelance their services and who can be hired to infiltrate a device, such as a company-owned computer, laptop, tablet, or cellphone to lock down the system or to hobble all or part of a network until the business owner pays a ransom. Ransom as a service (RaaS) is a real threat as it offers this malicious technical expertise for hire. While illegal, the perpetrators are difficult to trace and have been known to be employed in competitive industries. 

Our Comprehensive Network Security Solutions

For New York and Long Island based businesses, Converged Technology Group offers comprehensive Network Security Solutions. These include:

  • Edge Security (Next Gen Firewalls):  Converged offers  ML-Powered NGFW physical appliances for businesses to keep ahead of unknown threats. Designed to ‘see everything’, including IoT, these firewalls will reduce errors with automatic policy recommendations and additional advances.
  • Endpoint Protection: Converged Technology Group’s Network Security Solutions offer unmatched endpoint threat prevention. It utilizes deep learning, an advanced form of machine learning, to detect known and unknown malware that does not rely on signatures. This advanced option includes Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). The result: Converged Technology Group’s Managed Threat Response solution includes 24×7 expert threat hunting and remediation.
  • Email Security: For the best defense against phishing, business email compromise (BEC), malware and ransomware, speak with the Converged technology team. Our solutions will protect against stealthy malware in attachments, while the industry-leading threat intelligence we deploy will combat malicious links.
  • Web Security: Our optimal web security solution provides enterprises of all sizes with a solid first line of defense against threats, wherever internet users go. This solution delivers complete visibility into internet activity across all locations, devices, and users. Threats are blocked before they reach our clients’ networks or endpoints. A cloud-delivered service, our security solution integrates easily with existing security stacks and delivers live threat intelligence about current and emerging threats 24/7/365.
  • Managed Detection/Response: Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution provides visibility into our client’s environments (cloud, on-premises, or hybrid). The goal is to identify the remediation steps required to reduce exposures. This Network Security Solution service, from certified security experts, includes an intrusion detection system with security monitoring and threat analysis. The result: threats are detected and vulnerabilities are eliminated. It also assists clients to meet compliance mandates at a lower total cost than traditional approaches.
  • Identity Access Control: Secure your workplace with an effective zero-trust strategy. The Identity Access Control enables a dynamic and automated approach to policy enforcement, thereby simplifying the delivery of highly secure network access control.
  • Incident Response: In the event of a cyber breach, Converged Technology Group’s incident response services include thorough investigation, containment, and recovery. In addition, it offers access to crisis and communications management is available in order to handle internal communications, brand protection, and legal liability.

Secure Your Business With Our Network Security Solutions

The threat of cybercrime increases daily, but that does not mean your business has to fall victim. The average cost of a data breach to a small business can range from $120,000 to $1.24 million. Additionally, over the past two years, cybercrime has increased by an incredible 600%. Do not wait to be impacted by the inevitable. 

Speak with Converged Technology Group’s experts to learn more about real-time protection and our cost-effective network security solutions for your business. Contact us today!

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