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Converged Technology Group offers professional SMB Managed Services on Long Island and NYC including Assist360° Managed IT Helpdesk, Assist360° CoManaged IT Support, Assist360° Essential Security Bundle, and our Managed Detection and Response Services (MDR).

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Assist360° Managed IT Solutions

Expert Managed IT Solutions

IT Support Services

Regardless of the size of your business, without dependable IT support services, your business will, well, be out of business. Every enterprise in every industry is only as successful as its technology is effective. That is the driving force behind Converged Technology’s Managed IT Support Services. We can offer as little or as much onsite or behind the scenes support for your network, system, data, and cloud infrastructures, and manage all with a high degree of professionalism. We can assist you to avoid system issues as well as minimize any impacts should a breach occur. On that note, we offer a solid cybersecurity defense to standoff hackers. Additional services include encryption for your email system as well as secure audited file-sharing capabilities. Our data backup and recovery processes are extensive, comprehensive, and highly effective. Here are just a few of the ways Converged Technology Group can support your business objectives and your firm’s bottom line:

  • Azure Migration
  • Cisco Centralized Management
  • Cisco Collaboration
  • Cisco Enterprise Networking

Azure Migration

Azure cloud migration offers a centralized hub to both assess and migrate your onsite/in-house servers, infrastructure, applications, and data over to Azure. This platform allows for a more unified migration as a single portal to start, run, and track Azure migrations. Converged Technology Group’s highly experienced IT professionals will ensure your data’s Azure cloud migration runs as seamlessly as possible.

Cisco Centralized Management

Converged Technology’s Cisco centralized management service enables the management and configuration of multiple appliances simultaneously for greater network reliability, flexibility, and scalability. At its core, the Cisco Meraki cloud management platform, as it is also known, enables users to manage all of their Meraki network devices from a single, simple, yet secure platform. Additionally, the network can function globally yet be fully compliant with local requirements and mandates. In this environment, a Peer to Peer cluster can be created to enable control of an entire cluster or group from any machine.

Cisco Collaboration

Nationwide, workers are returning to their offices, working a hybrid model, or opting to permanently telecommute. Keeping an organization connected has never been more critical to overall business success. Converged Technology Group utilizes Cisco collaboration solutions to increase communication across teams to build stronger staff engagement and productivity, while enhancing customer experiences. Many businesses seeking Cisco collaboration tools on Long Island have turned to Converged Technology Group’s team for the ideal solution. We work to ensure optimal connectivity and communication no matter where or if the user is on a mobile device or desktop.

Cisco Enterprise Networking

Cisco enterprise networking consists of both physical and virtual networks and protocols to connect all users and systems on a local area network (LAN). Many corporations that utilize Cisco enterprise networking on Long Island and Manhattan have turned to Converged Technology to ensure that optimal encryption will additionally serve data center applications, and the cloud as well as facilitate access to network analytics and data.

IT Solutions for All Industries

Converged offers professional IT support as part of our managed Microsoft 365 services, including mobile device management for Office 365.

These managed services include:

  • Monitoring
  • Backup and restoration services
  • Security and permissions
  • System integration
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Connectivity
  • SharePoint Search
  • OneDrive
  • Troubleshooting/resolving issues
  • Online Exchange
  • Active Directory
  • User profiles
  • Configuration of Business Mobile Devices
  • Enterprise Mobility

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Office Relocation

Relocating a successful office can be stressful, and entails far more than hiring movers. Consider your technology, networks, systems, data, and the fact that downtime must be minimal if not completely avoided. When you are planning to move your premises and require IT office relocation services, partner with Converged Tech’s Office IT relocation services. We specialize in IT relocations and IT office relocations for businesses of all sizes. Our experience and expertise will ensure that the process runs smoothly so you can focus on managing your core business.

Office Setup

Whether you are moving from a startup into your first office space or expanding into new premises, consult with Converged Tech to ensure your new office IT setup will be sufficient for your firm’s growing needs. We can assist with your staffers’ computer workstation setup, suggest and implement its infrastructure setup to maximize your current and future IT requirements as well as to safeguard against security threats and data loss. Your new office workstation setup will be fully compliant with current regulations.

VOIP Setup

Converged Technology offers our VoiceOverInternetProtocol (VOIP) setup for small business service to ensure that your business communications system runs both efficiently, reliably, affordably, and securely. Our team can advise as to the best systems for your business needs, as well as ensure that connectivity will handle every aspect of business communication you require in and outbound calls, internet traffic generated by video conferencing and team messaging, and more.

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