A Managed Firewall: What is It and Does Your Business Need It?

Managed Firewall

Essentially, a firewall is designed to keep intruders out. Firewalls filter network data at the entry level. They check the sender’s address, its intended application, and, of course, its content. Incoming data that meets the firewall’s security criteria gains entry or may exit; data that does not is stopped at the firewall checkpoint. In short, firewalls provide a safe internet connection and these safeguards are installed on routers that serve just about every piece of end user equipment. Equate a firewall as a fortification like a medieval castle with high, thick, seemingly impenetrable walls. Unless these forts are protected and monitored, however, the threat of invasion is omnipresent. So that’s what Managed Firewall services do: they are third party vendors who service the firewall to prevent unauthorized network access while allowing authorized users access to verified data. 

At Converged Technology Group, our experts understand the value of Managed Firewall services to every business. It is essential to every business’ survival that their network traffic and flow of sensitive information is fully protected. As most businesses do not have the in-house staff required to maintain their network security, it is recommended that they consult with our team to learn what resources are available to them. This way they can partner with Converged Technology Group to shore up and close any potential data security gaps, to prevent future data breaches as well as to be fully compliant with industry regulations.

Our clients across the New York TriState area all have had one common goal: to secure Managed Firewall services from a reliable source so they can focus on running their businesses. Speak with Converged Technology Group to learn more about how our Managed Firewall services will support your day to day operations, provide regular system updates, as well as 24/7/365 expert firewall maintenance. Protect your business against cybercrime by partnering with Converged Technology Group. 

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