Managed IT Services Consultant vs. IT Consultant: What’s the Difference?

Managed IT Services Consultant vs. IT Consultant

Most businesses today succeed at the speed, scope, and efficiency of their technology. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly necessary to consider the services of either an IT Consultant company and/or a Managed IT Services Consultant firm. In this posting, we’ll cover the sometimes subtle differences between the two to enable enterprise owners to determine which is the right choice to achieve their future business goals.

What is the role of an IT Consultant? Generally speaking, consultants provide specialized advice on a stated topic, in this case, Information Technology. Their role is to advise, coach, and guide, providing their expert technology advice relative to a company’s business goals. In other words, they’ll listen to where your company wants to be positioned, then recommend the technologies that will enable the company to achieve those objectives. This path requires the IT Consultant to partner with the business owner/management team to assess needs, then formulate and execute the solution.

When is it best to hire an IT Consultant?

  • When assistance is needed to plot the steps involved utilizing technology to achieve a desired outcome as well as formulating a reasonable timeline for its implementation.
  • When considering outsourcing your IT staff, but do not know how to determine if this is the right step.
  • When you need professional technology input, ideas, and guidance.
  • When you need advice on which systems, networks, hardware and software to purchase.

Managed IT Services Consultants, sometimes referred to as Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) encompass areas of software engineering and IT management. These professionals solve technical issues, such as those that might surface when implementing those IT consultancy solutions mentioned above. Managed IT can provide one or more of the following as required: Network Security, Cloud Services, Backup Recovery, Managed Print Services, Helpdesk Support, and Computer Training.

When is it best to hire a Managed IT Services Consultant?

  • When your business’ new operating system rollout requires IT support to train your workforce to use this upgrade.
  • When planning to upgrade new hardware and/or software which requires troubleshooting as well as training support.
  • When sweeping technology upgrades are planned, such as transitioning to the cloud.
  • When increased or improved network security is an imperative.
  • When you require support to maintain printers and other ancillary equipment, especially when these malfunction.

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