Reducing IT Issues Through Managed IT Services

Few would argue that regardless of the industry you are in, the New York TriState comprises one if not the most competitive business corridors in the nation. Staying competitive, therefore staying in business, is of paramount concern for all enterprise owners and strategists. Most businesses, however, are completely dependent on their technology to survive. However, it is just not feasible for every business decision maker to stay on top of the latest technological developments in their field, let alone to afford to upgrade their systems. The solution, as many find, is to partner with a vendor that offers Managed IT Services in NYC. Locally, one of the leading firms is Converged Technology Group. 

The most common IT problems that small- to midsize businesses face can be addressed via Converged’s Managed IT Services. In NYC especially, hackers have targeted businesses with under 100 employees. Did you think that only big box stores were under attack? In addition, there are many other IT issues that Converged Technology Group’s services address for our small – to midsize business clients. These include:

  • Lack of strategic IT planning.
    It is imperative that your IT needs are considered when setting long-term business goals. Converged Technology Group will listen to your expectations and guide you toward aligning your IT requirements with your plans for future organizational growth.
  • Root causes that are unrecognized and therefore, not addressed.
    It is important to have a process for issue tracking. This way it is possible to analyze data and identify trends, which can be symptomatic and lead to more significant problems, if not identified and targeted for remediation.
  • Cyber security risks.
    Hackers are proficient at building that better mousetrap. As soon as one entry point is cut off, they seek and will find another. As stated above, it is the smaller enterprises that cybercriminals prey upon. If you think your business is immune, think again. What company and/or client information/data would you not want to have fall into the wrong hands? Remote workers or those in hybrid work situations pose an entirely new set of cyber security considerations. Allow Converged Technology Group to demonstrate how your business data can be protected.
  • Backup and disaster recovery challenges.
    Deleted files. Server crashes. Power outages. All these issues can spell trouble for your business without a backup solution and disaster (of any size) recovery procedure in place. This is critical to eliminating downtime and lost productivity and, therefore profitability. Have remote staffers? Collaboration and business continuity are integral to your business’s survival. 
  • Data sprawl and integration challenges.
    Software as a Service (SaaS) has revolutionized the way most companies do business, as it makes it easier to obtain the right software tools to improve their business functions. However, this can result in multiple systems, and without tool integration locating the information can become very difficult. Also, new technologies are often incompatible with older versions. Thorough planning before implementation can minimize these potential issues. This is especially important to address beforehand if your firm is considering data cloud migration. 
  • Compliance requirements including cyber insurance applications.
    Numerous industries, from real estate, finance, and insurance, face regulatory compliance requirements. These include HIPAA, ITAR, NIST, and CMMC. Regulatory changes may be infrequent, but the full impact of ignorance can be stiff fines and/or rescinded licensing. Some industries now require cyber security insurance to offset losses and provide protection from liability. Do you know if your industry’s regulators now require this coverage? 
  • Asset management including on- and offboarding staff.

It is part of the IT function to ensure that new staffers receive the right equipment, access, and training to assist them in beating the learning curve and becoming fully productive as quickly as possible. Conversely, off-boarding staff poses security risks, especially to those who have had access to your systems and data. Successful on- and offboarding is important to safeguard your network and sensitive information while remaining fully compliant. Converged Technology Group can advise your IT staff on the best methods to use to provide maximum security and swift assimilation.

  • User frustration.
    It is a simple equation with a simple solution. Outdated tools = frustrated users = lower productivity. Plan ahead by evaluating your IT processes routinely to provide both adequate support and swift issue resolution.
  • Additional Training for IT staffers.

For experienced IT staff wishing to level up to assist in co-managing your IT environment, it is important to realize that everyone has a different way of learning. Locating and implementing appropriate resources to train your IT staff is vital and a key part of Converged Technology Group’s IT training that ensures your ‘students’ receive the information they require in a format that is easy to understand and facilitates learning.

The business landscape in Manhattan grows more competitive every day. That is why these common IT issues are addressed by the professionals at Converged Technology Group. Depending on the size of your company, Converged Technology Group offers a wide range of Managed IT Services in NYC to assist businesses of every size to manage their technology better and to allow key personnel to focus on their core strengths- growing their enterprise. Bring us your questions regarding your IT requirements. We invite you to schedule a confidential consultation with our team today!

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