Scotch and Security – A taste of both…

Please complete the short form below to join Alert Logic & Converged Technology Group for an evening of Scotch and Security at the world’s most famous destination for whisky enthusiasts, NYC’s Flatiron Room on Thursday, October 13th from 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM.

Join us, along with and your security peers, as we dive into the complexities of the evolving threat landscape and learn how organizations like yours can gain visibility into your security environments as well as enhance threat detection and response capabilities. Stay for the fun immediately following the presentation, with an instructor lead Scotch 101 course and tasting.

Many organizations today leverage Endpoint Protection (EPP) and/or Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions to help mitigate risk, but what we know is that the complexity of modern day cyberattacks require a defense in depth strategy. All MDR aren’t created equal and its incumbent on the organization to really understand what they’re getting with so many different types of vendors using the MDR term.

Alert Logic and Converged Technology Group cybersecurity experts will present an interactive discussion on the most recent innovations in MDR and how it complements EPP and EDR more holistically to effectively mitigate organizational risk.

Session Topics include:

  • How to decipher acronym soup: MDR, EDR, XDR, etc.
  • The many flavors of MDR and how Alert Logic stands out.
  • How Converged Technology Group’s Assist360° Co-Managed Services and Alert Logic are better together
    by delivering tailored, best in class cybersecurity solutions.

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