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Today, it’s not a matter of if an attacker will get in; it’s a matter of when—and for how long. No organization can minimize the impact of security vulnerabilities. The ever changing security threat landscape is more sinister than ever, as viruses that would wipe out a few desktops have been replaced by advanced threats that are not trying to destroy your data, but profit from it. We utilize the vast knowledge of our network security consultants to help businesses throughout LI and NYC make informed decisions about solutions that mitigate risk for their business.

Security is engineered into all Converged Technology Group solutions. Whether integrated into our enterprise networks or collaboration solutions, we cover all the bases by creating security frameworks that address the varied threats your organization faces.

Our network security solutions include:

Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)
Converged Technology Group’s next generation firewall approach to security blocks more threats and quickly mitigates those that do breach your defenses. This approach combines proven network generation firewall technology with the industry’s most effective next generation IPS and advanced malware protection to provide more visibility, be more flexible, reduce cost, and mitigate risk.

Intrusion Detection Solutions (IDS)
Our software application monitors a network for malicious activity or policy violations. All detected activity is reported through a single management console, simplifying the management of intrusion data.

Intrusion Prevention Solutions
Converged Technology Group’s Intrusion Prevention Solutions expand on the functionality of our IDS with more advanced capabilities to prevent or block intrusions that are happening.

End Point Protection Solutions
Converged Technology Group’s Advanced Malware Protection solutions are equipped to handle any modern day virus or malware issues within a network.

Policy and Access Control
Converged Technology Group’s Policy and Access Control Solutions simplifies the delivery of consistent, highly secure access control across wired and wireless multi-vendor networks and remote VPN connections. The solutions transform network security from a simple conduit for data into an security enforcer that accelerates the time to detection and time to resolution of threats while relieving the stress of complex access management.

VPN Solutions
VPN solutions from Converged Technology Group protect diverse types of WAN designs and the critical data they carry. By securing all forms of data, organizations can achieve privacy, confidentiality, and compliance.

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