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The Hyper-converged Hybrid Cloud Data Center

Join Converged Technology Group, Dell Technologies, and Microsoft at the Microsoft Technology Center where we will introduce the latest innovations in Hyper-converged Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure for the new generation datacenter. We will explore the considerations you face when deciding on a solution tailored to meet your business needs today and into the future.

Discover How:

  • Hyper-converged Infrastructure meets the unique needs of your business by providing simplicity, agility and savings. Streamline your operations, cut costs and keep pace with today’s 24/7, on-demand business environment with Dell Technologies Hyper-converged Infrastructure solutions that easily accommodates the needs of a changing business environment.
  • Organizations are in need of a flexible business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) strategy so that, during planned and unplanned downtime, data stays safe, apps remain available, and business recovers to normal working conditions as soon as possible. Microsoft addresses these needs with flexible, simple and secure solutions. Microsoft Azure Backup services provide the solutions organizations need to keep data safe and recoverable while Microsoft Azure Site Recovery replicates, fails over, and recovers workloads, ensuring that they remain available when failure occurs.
  • Hyper-converged Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure would be represented in your environment and the benefits of cloud economics in your data center.

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