The Importance of Managed Endpoint Protection

Managed Endpoint Protection

Why is Endpoint Management (EPM) important to you and your business?  For the security of your entire network, for starters. That’s because over 70% of all security breaches begin at an endpoint. Do we have your attention now? First let’s explain what we mean by Endpoint Management. This enables a third party IT vendor to oversee the scope of your network’s day-to-day operations by employing risk detection, application deployment, and patching where your desktops, laptops, servers, etc are controlled to actively manage responses. The most effective types of managed endpoint protection can be deployed either on-premises, or via hybrid cloud- or public cloud-based offerings. Through end-to-end management initiatives, this extensive coverage assists businesses with patching, app deployment, operating systems imaging, firmware updates, etc. 

A solid EPM setup offers your IT vendor full visibility into your applications, data points, and connections. This way endpoint status can be observed, and performance metrics data collected. Another way of looking at managed endpoint protection is that this service limits your business’ exposure to potential security breaches, while increasing the management of your enterprise’s assets. This alone can raise operational efficiencies exponentially, ensure maximum remote workers’ productivity, as well as that all-important aspect: network security.

For an ever-increasing number of companies, the global events of the past couple of years have fostered the wide acceptance of remote work. A remote workforce expands an organization’s digital footprint, however, making the need for managed endpoint protection vital to the company’s survival. This is due to the fact that open endpoints are far easier to hack. A recent industry survey disclosed that over half the companies who responded reported increases in endpoint security risks. Managed endpoint protection is especially essential for companies that employ remote workers as if one staff peripheral is breached, the hacker(s) can access the business’ entire network including files, sensitive information such as clients’ credit cards, social security numbers, and more. 

The expanded threat vector that remote work poses is often too large to be monitored effectively by an in-house IT staff. Tracking, updating, and securing every device that connects to your business’ network(s) is simply beyond the scope and finances of most enterprises to deploy. However, there are simple solutions in the form of reliable and dependable third party vendors such as Converged Technology Group. 

Simply put, we have the range and breadth of tools at hand that can quickly be deployed to manage even a far-flung remote workforce. These automated, cloud-based processes ensure efficiency and maximum endpoint security. Best of all, our endpoint management solutions can be tied to positive business outcomes. At the onset, Converged Technology Group addresses our clients’ network challenges by working closely as partners to identify potential security gaps and to craft the ideal solution to keep your workforce productive, your network and data secure, and, most important, reduce or eliminate your business’ risk from cyberattacks.

The value of managed endpoint protection services from Converged Technology Group is invaluable and essential to your organization’s future. We offer a wide range of services including co-managed IT support, our proprietary Assist 360° Essential Security Bundle, Managed Detection and Response Services (MDR), and specialized services for small- and medium-sized businesses. 

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