The Importance of Managed IT Services in NYC

In many small to mid-sized businesses, decision-makers often make the mistake of considering overhead over operations. Ideally, these firms are run as lean as possible with a minimum of staff, including their IT departments. Relying on one or two staffers to maintain your systems, who likely do not have access to the latest technology, could be a corporate disaster waiting to happen. Until 25 years ago, companies considered IT services to cover only ‘break/fix’, meaning when a computer or other peripheral become broken down, they remediated the issue or replaced the unit. Today network security is of paramount importance, but many IT departments are still in reactive, not proactive mode. In other words, they do not have the resources to provide the expansive scope of services which now include increased threats to their business network. The solution is to partner with the professionally managed IT services for NYC and Long Island businesses, at Converged Technology Group. As a stand alone or as a support team in addition to in-house IT departments, here we’ll cite the reasons your company needs comprehensive managed IT by our professional team.

To begin, let’s clearly define what ‘managed IT services in NYC’ entails: outsourcing administration and management tasks to an outside vendor. Next, what type of services does Managed IT entail? The whole gamut is from cloud storage, server maintenance, infrastructure management, systems administration, network monitoring and security, authentication, and data backup and disaster recovery. If your firm is thinking about hiring a managed IT vendor, you are not alone. This sector has grown exponentially by 52.2% over the last three years and shows no sign of quitting. There are many reasons, but chiefly these: partnering with a professional vendor for Managed IT services allows your company’s decision-makers to focus on your core values to achieve your business goals and objectives. In addition, an alliance with Converged Technology Group ensures that your business data and clients’ personal data is secure.

Need more reasons? Think about this: Converged Technology Group has access to the latest innovations in our field, including software and other technology. This enables your firm to maintain and grow its market share alongside competitors of any size, with the initiatives in place to protect your growing network against security threats. Best of all, we tailor our managed IT services to accommodate your current as well as future needs. That’s right, an affordable, scalable solution that grows as needed to provide comprehensive Managed IT services. Here are two major considerations:

  • Expertise On-Demand – We’ve discussed freeing your management team to focus on your core strengths. Ours include System Management. Whether based on the Cloud or in-house, your business solutions require greater resources than a small internal IT department will have access to. Expanding the department is seldom the answer, as the cost to hire, train, and provide benefits for full-time staff can quickly become prohibitive. What works best – consulting with Converged Technology Group’s professionals when you need answers. Our Assist360° Managed IT Help Desk or Co-Managed IT Support enables your team to consult with our pros any time they require guidance, problem-solving, or an emergency solution to keep your systems and your business up and running.
  • Risk Negation: Rather than wait until your network is under cyberattack from hackers, Converged Technology Group’s managed IT services for NYC and Long Island businesses are proactive. Our Assist360° Essential Security Bundle and Managed Detection and Response Services (MDR) allow for consistent network monitoring to minimize risk. Our goal is to protect against malware, online threats, and malicious cyberattacks. We offer highly effective defenses, real-time incident response, and tracking that targets threats before they target your network. Additionally, our initiatives provide business asset protection and data security, both online and off.

A short time ago, Managed IT’s scope was primarily for IT functions including email hosting, storage, backup and recovery, and network monitoring. Today, the role has greatly expanded. Here are the top reasons why Converged Technology Group’s Managed IT services for NYC and Long Island businesses are of paramount importance:

  • Provide all system/network updating and maintenance tasks utilizing the latest technology and industry innovations.
  • Improved security including monitoring and immediate threat response
  • Less downtime = increased productivity
  • Greater cost-savings over an in-house IT department
  • Provide additional training/partnership/support for existing internal IT staff
  • Frees internal staffers/management to focus on their strategic tasks.
  • Utilizes Cloud-based solutions
  • Supports remote office IT for Work at Home (WAH) staff

At Converged Technology Group, we’re in the business of keeping you in business, one network solution at a time. For the peace of mind that partnering with managed IT services in NYC and on Long Island ensures, contact our team for a confidential consultation today!

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