The Importance of Voice Communications

Whether your business supports a sales team, account management group, or call center, reliable voice communications are an essential tool for achieving increased success. Recent global events have also redefined employees’ workplaces, thereby placing an increased need for reliable, secure communications tools. There have been many advances in recent decades, yet some firms are still relying on outdated equipment such as PBX for their voice communications. Over the last ten years, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems have proven to have a major advantage over PBX.

PBX is an ‘on-premise’ phone system which is not connected to a data network, while VoIP is. What this means is that the voice is converted to data, packetized, i.e. routes phone calls/faxes over an existing data network. VoIP has options- it can be on premise or hosted. This telephony technology enables businesses to improve their communication capabilities while reducing their provisioning and maintenance costs. When the dependability and scope of your telephony system matters, there are several facts about VoIP you’ll need to know.

A recent industry survey indicated that:

  • Nearly 80% of consumers polled believe making a phone call to a business is the most effective way to receive answers quickly.
  • About 65% of consumers prefer to contact a company by phone.

These are compelling statistics and underscore the need to upgrade your voice communications system to increase your ROI. When researching your Cloud phone system solution, here are the major considerations:

  • App Connection: Your VoIP solution must connect with your business apps. An open platform from Cisco integrates with apps such as Microsoft 365, Google Cloud, Salesforce, etc. As many businesses additionally have their own apps, it is also important that your system allows your staff to use your customized apps, specifically designed to enable your workflows.
  • Complete Mobility: Remote work is rapidly becoming the workplace of choice. A Cisco solution facilitates mobile communication and productivity. It is imperative that your phone system not only works on every device, phones, tablets, laptops and desktops but can move between each device seamlessly.
  • Scalability: No company wants a temporary fix. Cisco Systems also provides small businesses with enterprise-level capabilities. Phone system flexibility offers a long-term solution that expands along with your business. What to look for? A system that can increase phone lines, the number of users, more devices, as needed. No technology degree required!
  • All-in-One Solution: Your optimal voice communications solution will not only make phone calls, but also send faxes, texts, and support video conferencing. And this is just the start! When the goal is optimal business, client and consumer voice communications, Cisco is the answer.

As a leading Managed IT services firm, Converged Technology Group has assisted enterprises in Manhattan and on Long Island to implement IP voice communications solutions from Cisco. Their products enable our clients to gain a scalable, flexible platform that provides their staff with access to robust voice, video, mobility, presence and conferencing capabilities regardless of whether they are in the office, in the field, or working remotely. Schedule a confidential conference with our team to learn more.

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